Fox 8 made some investigations recently and early in February reported they had found an Ohio law, which shockingly allowed deceased animals (including your beloved late cat or dog) to be added to pet food. While Ohio has reportedly launched efforts to ban the practice, Care2 has recently started a petition to put an end to what is basically a cannibalistic and highly dangerous practice.

ORC 941.14 is a little-known law, uncovered in Ohio

In Fox 8’s report, they quote attorney DanaMarie Pannella, who said their firm receives many calls from pet owners, claiming that pet food had injured or even killed their dog or cat.

The news service subsequently found out about Ohio Revised Code 941.14, which allowed for the usage of pets in animal food, but they also mentioned how many dead pets end up lying in landfills.

Dead pets legally sold to pet food manufacturing companies

Panella went on to explain that the deceased pets are legally sold to pet food manufacturers and dog kennels, which means family dogs and cats could likely be eating other cats and dogs that have been euthanized.

According to Care2, when tests were run on various popular cat and dog food brands, they discovered traces of pentobarbital, the drug used in the euthanization process. This led to a major recall of the pet food products concerned.

Care2 petition started to ban the use of euthanized pets

Many dog and cat owners became understandably alarmed and shocked on hearing the news report relating to the euthanization drug and asked how pentobarbital ended up in their pet’s food?

Now Ohio may become the first US state to ban the practice of using euthanized cats and dogs as food ingredients. As with other US states, Ohio had banned the use of euthanized pets for human consumption but had no objection to the meat being sold to manufacturers of pet food. This included those euthanized at local animal shelters.

Ohio State Rep. Laura Lanese has recently introduced the new House Bill 560, which would effectively ban the practice of using dog and cat remains in the manufacture of pet food. This includes especially using the remains of euthanized animals from pet shelters.

A petition is available on Care2’s website to ask lawmakers in Ohio to set a great example to the rest of the US by passing HB 560 and hopefully put an end to the practice of using American family cats and dogs as a controversial and dangerous ingredient in pet food.