The Sims 4: Pets” could arrive not just on Xbox One but PlayStation 4 as well this November. That is if the new leaks are anything to go by.

So, here is an attempt to put together all the available information known so far that could suggest a possibility that it could happen.

Leaked Xbox One release

News that “The Sims 4” will be released on Xbox One first surfaced on the net via a leak courtesy of TrueAchievements. The said report claimed that the game would be launched on Microsoft’s current-gen console on Nov. 17.

In addition to that, those who will make a pre-purchase will be entitled to a number of bonus items plus a three-day early access.

Some may have doubts whether this leak is legit or not, but the publication gets their sources of information straight up from the Xbox servers. This is also how things work for websites like Exophase and PSNTrophies that have access to information about PlayStation.

What about PS4?

While the leak only mentioned of an Xbox One release, it is plausible that the same game will also be launched on PS4 and there are several good reasons to support this speculation.

For one, the leak did not say anything about an exclusivity deal between EA and Microsoft, so that alone could pose a high possibility that a PS4 version is also underway.

Secondly, gaming fans can agree with the fact that Microsoft has not managed to nail exclusive deals with big third-party publishers these days.

The whopping 60 million plus PS4 units sold is something that EA and Maxis can’t pass on.

This is a tremendous opportunity of raking in millions of revenue once the game will be made available on Sony’s PS4 console.

So, why Pets?

There’s a poignant saying that history repeats itself and in this case, the return of the popular life simulation series on consoles after six long years.

It is not a far-fetched idea that Maxis could again enter this untapped market, this time with the release of “The Sims 4: Pets” for the Xbox One and PS4.

Rumors and leaks of a Pets DLC go back in late 2016 when EA rolled out an official survey asking fans around how they like the idea of pets returning in the game. A series of leaks and data mined codes reported this year also point to the impending addition of cats and dogs to “The Sims 4.”

But what is most striking is that the leaks courtesy of reliable Czech and Slovakian retailers both revealed that the Dogs and Cats expansion would arrive on Nov.

9 or 10 in the US. This is rather close to the leaked release date of a console version on Nov. 17.

Moreover, avid followers of the franchise can recall that “The Sims 3: Pets” was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2011. Now, it makes sense if Maxis and EA could have been planning this strategy after six years of limiting their scope on PC platform.

“The Sims 4: Pets” could be available not just on PC, but on Xbox One and PS4 this November. There is quite a good chance that this could become a reality, although, it is still best to wait for the official announcement from EA or Maxis.