Valpak sends out a fat blue envelope with free coupons to households every month. Recently the advertising company has been enclosing a valid check for $100. Unfortunately, some people have been discarding the check along with their unwanted coupons. Some winners thought the check was not a real one.

When you get your next Valpak envelope and you see the words, “Congratulations! $100 Instant Winner" written on the outside of the envelope, believe it. Then, look for the check among the coupons inside the envelope before you toss anything away.

About the $100 checks

According to WTVR-TV, some of the checks have been tossed because they were thought to be junk mail. The direct-marketing company has been randomly placing checks in envelopes every month this year in all of its markets throughout the United States because it wants to do something special for some lucky winners.

The check has no strings attached and is made out to "Cash." The winners can use the check for anything they want without being obligated to use it on any of the advertisers.

Spokesperson Lia Jensen of West Michigan Valpak explains that it is a year-long promotion as a way of thanking people who use the coupons, and the company is giving others the incentive to open the envelope they receive.

Discarded checks

Jensen said Valpak did the promotion last year in Grand Rapids, Michigan. About 36 checks in the amount of $100 were randomly placed in envelopes that were delivered to homeowners, but only eight of them were cashed.

Even though the promotion is highly publicized this year, the $100 promotion has been going on in select cities since 1988.

More about Valpak

Valpak, whose full name is Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc., is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida and has been in operation since 1968. The direct marketing company has 150 franchise offices in the United States and Canada.

Nearly 40 million households receive these envelopes every month, but not everyone takes the time to open the envelope to see what's inside.

Each year, Valpak distributes about 20 billion coupons in more than 500 million envelopes. Millions more coupons are on mobile apps and Valpak's websites. The coupons can be printed and used, but there are no checks available online.

Valpak's next mailing will go out starting April 7. Be expecting yours and make sure you open the envelope. You might just be $100 richer.