Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney have been working hard on their clothing line, "Things That Matter." When Maci and Taylor moved in together, he told her that all he ever wanted in life was his own clothing line. After learning about a clothing line for sale, he decided to jump on the opportunity and he got Maci's help. With her fame on "Teen Mom OG," they were able to make lots of money from the sales of t-shirts and sweatshirts. However, running a business is hard work and it didn't take them long to realize that they were struggling with some mistakes and hurdles.

On last night's episode of "Teen Mom OG," Maci realized that they had spelled Los Angeles wrong on most of their merchandise. They had forgotten an E, resulting in "Los Angles."

According to a new tweet, Maci Bookout's followers are pointing out that they have received clothing with the Spelling Mistakes on them. As it turns out, Maci flipped out on last night's episode, as she learned that they hadn't caught a mistake on the clothing they had printed and had listed on their website. While Maci and Taylor may have acted quickly to remove the clothing items from their store, some fans had managed to purchase the clothing with the spelling mistake.

Problems with products

Some fans reached out to Maci Bookout on social media, revealing that there were some clothing items with the misspellings.

One person actually wrote to Maci, revealing that she had one of the products with the mistake and she hadn't noticed until tonight's episode of "Teen Mom OG." But the fan pointed out that she still loved the shirt and the product mistake didn't matter to her.

While Maci and Taylor freaked out over the mistake, it sounds like her fans don't mind the mistake.

They discussed the mistake on the show and it sounds like they are learning from it.

Growing the business

When Maci and Taylor began the company, they spent many hours and time to expand the business. They purchased it from the previous owner, but they didn't share all of the hurdles on "Teen Mom OG." On last night's episode, they began exploring some office space for the business, so they didn't work on the business at home.

They found a space in downtown Chattanooga and it sounds like they are expanding the business a bit more. It's possible the business is making great money these days.

How do you think Maci Bookout and Taylor handled the mistake? Do you think this will make them more successful as they learned from this lesson?