A New York restaurant is going all out to celebrate National meatball Day on March 9. Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse, located at 447 Lexington Avenue, is offering a meatball for $100. The item was created by executive chef Juan Tourn, who wants to give customers something unique and special for one day only. According to Inside Edition, the $100 meatball is the most expensive in the world.


You might be wondering how one meatball could be worth that much, but those who have taste tested it say it is worth every penny and could be sold for even more.

The meatball that is getting raving reviews is not made with the typical ground beef.

A representative from Inside Edition saw how it was made. Chef Tourn first mixed Wagyu beef, garlic, onions, eggs, parsley, basil, parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs, and black truffle. Then he combined the mixture with foie gras, winter truffle, and caciocavallo cheese. After all the ingredients were thoroughly mixed, the chef cooked the meatball until it was golden brown. Then, Tourn smothered it in a rich shallot and champagne cream sauce and topped it with shaved black truffle. Along with the meatball comes a glass of 2012 Prunotto Barolo red wine from the northern Italian region of Piedmont. The expensive meatball will be available only on National Meatball Day, from 11:30 AM to 10 PM.

To make sure you get yours, call the restaurant 24 hours in advance.

Usually, a person eats more than one meatball with spaghetti. However, this meal includes only one meatball and no spaghetti. One meatball is all that is needed because it is really big and weighs seven ounces. It is so filling that no other food is necessary.

Besides, eating something else will take away from the meatball experience.

Regular meatballs at the restaurant

The $100 meatballs are not the only ones sold at the restaurant.

Customers are able to purchase regular Kobe beef meatballs for the regular price of $13. Therefore, no one is excluded if they don't want to dish out that much money for the high-priced meatball.

Other restaurants are serving meatballs on National Meatball Day. For instance, Olive Garden Italian Restaurant is serving the Meatball Pizza Bowl which includes a bread bowl filled with 10 meatballs and cheese for $6.99 at most locations.

If none of these ideas appeal to you, perhaps you can make your own meatballs at home for your family. They don't have to cost $100 to be delicious.