"Overwatch" is one of the most played first-person-shooter games released in 2016. More is being added to the game as time goes on.

Although many people have played the game, there are Interesting facts that not everyone knows about.

A lot of the facts are very precise and hidden within the game. Not all of the facts are announced, however, and there is no guarantee that we know everything. The Gamer.com pointed out some facts.

The facts of the game

  • "Overwatch" started as "Project Titan." was not always called "Overwatch" at first. In fact, the game started as "Titan," a game that would have been a lot different from "Overwatch." The game started as a secret from fans, only mentioned after the game was released.
  • Reinheart's ultimate power, shockwave. Reinheart's ultimate went through many changes before being settled on Shockwave. The team says they went through almost sixty changes before settling on their current decision of Reinheart's ultimate. Multiple voice lines were recorded as well to see how each ultimate fitted with each line.
  • The hit detection sounds were from beer bottles. The sounds of a bullet hitting something is the sound of a beer can being opened but in reverse. We can all imagine what Blizzard was doing when they had this sound idea. This makes the iconic sound that we all hear but never appreciate.
  • The design of Torbjorn helped create the game. "Overwatch" was designed to be a mix between the fantasy of "World of Warcraft" and the future style of "Starcraft." Torbjorn was born from this idea. Torbjorn is a more iconic character than originally thought.
  • Chris Metzen voiced Bastion. The voice of the character everyone loves to hate may sound like it was created by a computer, but it was actually voiced by Chris Metzen and put through many voice modules to create the mechanical sounds.
  • Tracer started as a male character. When started as "Titan," Tracer was originally a male character. Players would have had the option to play as a character that could warp from one place to the other within the blink of the eye. The team wanted to keep this ability and ultimately created Tracer.
  • There is deep lore. Between the animations and the dialog between characters, there is very deep lore inside the "Overwatch" universe. In fact, when standing in the spawning area of the game before a match starts, you may just hear the dialogue between characters. This is one of the only ways to be able to hear over 7,000 voice lines included in the game.
  • More animated shorts may be on the way. The animated shorts of "Overwatch" flush out each character's story, and more animated shorts may be appearing in the future for other characters. Characters are supposed to each have their stories flushed out along with the war stories that each has to share.
  • Zaria helped body diversity. While characters were announced, the game got critiqued on the character's designs for all the female characters had a feminine look, then Zaria was announced, breaking the pattern. Zaria was the first character to be bodily diverse in the announced game.
  • Took five months for the game to be playable. The game "Titan" took many years to develop to ultimately end up scrapped. Using the template to this failed idea made "Overwatch" quicker to create, albeit harder to create. While the game had a template to use, "Titan" was a different game than "Overwatch."

In conclusion

Overwatch still has many other facts to be explored, it is a very large game with very interesting characters.

What characters will be released next? Who knows, but we will find out eventually! Their games and characters are updated often, after all. With more backstories being revealed and updates being given, what is the fate of "Overwatch?" Let's hope we all find out what happens in the end. A cliffhanger would be the worst way to end this story.