The latest updates for 'Overwatch' will feature a new map to the game's Pvp mode and the possibility of a cross-save mechanic from the consoles to the PC platform. Blizzard Entertainment vice president and game developer Jeff Kaplan told PCGamesN that his team is planning to have player's save data transferred to other versions of the game, explaining that it will be a good thing for gamers who want to try "Overwatch" from another platform without going back to start.

The new PvP map will be based on the Rialto map featured in the "Retribution" archive story event and it will be developed via PTR session.

Rialto map for PvP

According to Jeff Kaplan, they will add the Rialto map for the PvP mode in "Overwatch," and they are planning to test it in the upcoming Public Test Realm session this month. Rialto is the main game map used in "Overwatch's" current in-game event, "Retribution" and it is used in a storyline featuring Blackwatch members Gabriel Reyes, McCree, Genji, and Moira.

Kaplan added that video game fans should also look out for new changes for Hanzo in the PTR, but he did not mention any further details. However, players have speculated that Hanzo will need a new tweak in his abilities, or the developers might replace a move from his ability list.

For now, video game fans are enjoying the "Retribution" event as they embark on a new mission and revealing more details about Blackwatch's history in the "Overwatch" lore.

Players will also enjoy the return of the "Uprising" storyline, and they will have to play it again via Archives.

"Retribution" will feature new character skins such as Blackwatch Moira, Talon suits for Doomfist and Sombra, Pajama Mei. Scion Hanzo, Specimen 28 Winston, Soldier: 24 Reaper, and Equalizer Lucio.

'Cross-save' coming soon

Kaplan announced that he and his team are working explore the use of cross-save data from console to PC as they felt that it will benefit players from increasing their stats within the game no matter what gaming platform they are using. They do not need to create a separate account for them to progress in the game and instead use only one.

This could also mean that any item that is unlocked from the PC version can be unlocked in the console and vice versa. However, Kaplan stated that it still being planned out as he explained that such a feature would be "challenging for many reasons."

Video game fans are hoping they go through with the new feature so it will not be a hassle for them to play "Overwatch" using different accounts for both consoles and PC.