The White House Correspondents Dinner is akin to the "Weekend Update" on steroids. If you're a politician or part of the political machine as a member of the media, you're getting roasted. Michelle Wolf pulled no punches at this year's annual event, hosted on Saturday night.

The guest comedian excoriated everyone who fell before her. Some guests were left in giddy tears, while others just looked uncomfortable. The most important victim, of course, wasn't even in the room. But that's a discussion for another day.

Here are Wolf's best jokes from the WHCD.

Collusion's not a two-way street

There was no way Wolf was going to avoid the Russian elephant in the room. But she tried to find equal opportunities to reach across the aisle for jabs. She equated President Trump's ability to collude with Russia with former candidate Hillary Clinton's inability to collude with Michigan. Clinton, of course, famously lost Michigan to Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

What's CNN good for?

That's the question President Trump asks frequently.

He frequently decries the 24/7 news network as "fake news," invalidating their everyday jobs. The folks at CNN seemed to be having a good time at the WHCD, though. That is, until Wolf took aim. She congratulated the network on their propensity to break news, before revealing the only helpful information she gets from CNN: noodle spots courtesy of Anthony Bourdain.

A Hulu reference

Her remarks about Sarah Huckabee Sanders caught the most flak. One of the most galling ones compared her to a character on "The Handmaid's Tale." Aunt Lydia, of course, is not the kindest character on the show.

Some accused Wolf of shaming Sanders on her looks, but others came to her defense, saying the WHCD jab had more to do with he personality than anything else. For what it's worth, the comedian made fun of her own appearance several times on the evening.

No grabbing

Wolf went after President Trump the hardest. She spent some time leading a call and response in regards to the president's wealth (or lack thereof, in her opinion). She also referenced the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape multiple times. Her biggest reference to the tape, however, came towards the end of her nearly 20-minute long set.

The emcee noted that Trump was not in attendance for the event, which presidents traditionally appear for. She claims she would've dragged Trump to the WHCD...if she could.