The latest updates for "Overwatch" reveal new character changes for fan-favorites Hanzo and Symmetra in the game. Blizzard Entertainment is testing the new in-game updates in the PTR, which include adding a new PvP game map, Rialto, three character nefts, and the changes they made for Hanzo's gameplay. The game's resident archer will have two new abilities in his arsenal but at the cost of removing one ability that is present in his move list.

As for Symmetra, game developer Tim Ford told Inven Global that they are changeing Symmetra's role from being a support hero to a defense hero.

The latter started out as an impressive support character, but the numerous buffs and nerfs made her an unstoppable force in the game.

Hanzo's new moves

According to Blizzard Entertainment, Hanzo will now have two new abilities in "Overwatch's" next update. The first one is called "Lunge" that allows him to dash after he jumps. This is useful when they want to jump off structures to another, or simply escaping enmey attacks quickly.

The second ability is the "Storm Arrows" and it lets Hanzo fire six charged-up arrows in rapid speed. The damage per arrow has been reduced, but each arrow isshot with full force. Sadly, this new ability will replace Hanzo's primary ability, the "Scatter Arrow."

Aside from his new abilities, the game publisher also made changes to Hanzo's Storm Bow and Sonic Arrow.

The Storm Bow's projectile speed has been increased 85 to 100 percent. Sonic Arrow will now have a cooldown of 12 seconds, its duration decreased to six seconds, and a radius of seven meters.

The PTR also revealed nerfs for Junkrat, Tracer, and Genji. Tracer's "Pulse Bomb" ultimate has decreased its damage from 100 to 85 percent.

Junkrat's projectiles from the Frag Launcher are now 0.2 in size and his "Rip Tire" speed is now 12 percent. Genji's "Deflect" ability will have decreased input on the hit box.

Blizzard previously launched a small update for the game giving players the chance to try the new 6-on-6 Elimination Mode in the Arcade.

Symmetra's character role changed

According to Tim Ford, the development team is planning to make Symmetra a defense type hero in order to make her more flexible character in the game.

Game director Jeff Kaplan previously announced at the game's forum that they are making changes for Symmetra and stated that the progress is going well.

The latter original is a support type hero as her ultimates allow her shield and teleport her allies in battle. However, most of her attacks and abilities make her a defense type hero as players often use her on the frontlines rather than being at the base.