Many of us go through life thinking that we are utterly alone in everything we do. There is one person who is there for us through the rough times and the good times. That one person is always God. We may not sense his presence in some aspects of our Lives, but he is always with us. Numerous examples throughout the Bible tells us that God never leaves our side, especially during our Hardships.

Always there

One of the many examples of God's promise to never leave our side can be found in the book of Psalm. The verse, Psalm 16:8, states that our Lord is there for us in our time of need even though we can't always sense his presence.

When we go through hardships in our lives, the first reaction that many individuals have is to question God and ask him why he has put us through the situation we are currently in. In some cases, we ask God if he truly does love us. We know that God loves us with all his heart, but it's hard to see God's plan for us when we are at our absolute worst.

There is proof throughout God's word that he only puts us through hardships to bring us closer to him and strengthen our relationship with him. An example of this proof is found in the book of 2 Corinthians. 2 Corinthians 5:7 explains that God believes that we should live our lives by faith, not by sight.

We may not see God, but we know he is with us through our faith in him.

We can sense God is with us through the blessings he gives us in our time of need. Whether it is a friend sending you a helpful bible verse, a loved one being there for you, or feeling the pain in your heart becoming less; these blessings only occur because of God's enduring love for us.

God's promise

When hardships present themselves, followers of Christ occasionally question God's love for us.

We usually ask "If God loved me so much, then why would he put me through this situation?" God only puts us through difficult situations to make us stronger than we were the day before. In the book of Jeremiah, God explains how deep his love runs for us. Jeremiah 31:3 tells us that God's love is everlasting and he has drowned us with unfailing kindness.

The trials of life are to strengthen our relationship with our heavenly father, not to strain it.

God shows us examples throughout his word that he is always with us, especially during the most difficult of times. Isaiah 43:2 tells us that when we go through the deepest of waters, God will always be right there to guide us. Even though we may feel alone in our darkest days, we are never truly alone. He makes sure that we never walk in darkness, but helps guide us into the light.