Smelling incredible and looking gorgeous has never been so easy. Check out the ultimate list of overwhelming must-know makeup tips to alternate the surgical enhancements. These are ingenious and can be easily worked out at home for any Skin tones.

For your Face

  • Balance out the undertones with orange and green concealer
  • Blend out by applying the foundation at the center of your face for a more natural look
  • Apply bronzer only over your jawlines, cheekbones, and forehead, in the shape of the number 3
  • Bake your makeup with a translucent powder
  • Work with a pinky-peach shade on the temples and browbones to warm up the skin tone
  • Cover the blemishes with layers of setting powder, concealer, and foundation
  • For a diamond and an oval face shape, outline below the bone of the cheeks
  • For a heart face shape, outline the sides of your forehead
  • For oily skin tone, use a clear mattifier
  • Use proper shades of dark contours, brighteners, and color correctors to get a flawless skin
  • For smooth foundation, use a blending sponge in a progressing motion
  • Use toilet seat cover to blot oil from your face
  • Test the foundation on your neck than face
  • Use concealer after applying foundation
  • For oblong face shape, outline the hairline
  • Moisturizer can create wonders even for an oily skin
  • For square face shape, outline the jawbone and forehead
  • Do not use shimmer for oily skin
  • Use gentle face wash to wash your brushes
  • Get the perfect finish with loose powder

For your eyes and brows

  • Brighten the beauty of the eye by drawing a triangle under each of them
  • Use a brow mascara from your makeup kit to darken your brows
  • For square eyebrows, give tiny hair strokes regardless of whether you use a brow mascara, brow powder topped with an angled brush or a pencil
  • Use a spoolie brush after a brow pencil to blend out the sharp beginnings
  • The messier your fingers tap the lash lines, the better smokey eye you get
  • Don’t lengthen the tail of the eyebrow too far
  • Brighten your brow area with a concealer

For your hair

  • Use the Bonnet Dryer to zap frizz your hair
  • Use sugar spray to have soft incomplete waves
  • Nurture the beauty of your hair by first rinsing it with tap water before diving in the swimming pool
  • Use a t-shirt for reducing frizz while drying your hair
  • Use powder sunscreen from your makeup toolkit to protect the roots of your hair from sun lotion
  • Short hair looks amazing if your chin is less than 2.25 inches from your ear

For your lips and body

  • Spritz your perfume in the hair, behind the ears, inside elbows, down your back, behind knees, and belly button to make it last all day long
  • Use a beauty concealer to sharpen the edges of lipstick.
  • Use bronze based makeup to outline your décolletage