When something happens in your life, the ones who are close to you will always tell you, "Everything happens for a reason, God has a reason for doing this. This is just a part of God's plan for you."

Whether you lost your job, lost a loved one or a friend, or something just doesn't go the way that you hoped it would, someone will tell you God's plan for your life is great and whatever is going on will eventually get better. Many believe that those around them are just trying to make them feel better. Some individuals don't believe their lives will get better one day.

Trials of life

A verse that helps shed some light on God's plan for his children can be found in the book of John. The verse, John 13:7, stated that we may not know God's plan for us right now but one day, we will. We just have to trust our Lord and remember that we will put us through trials because we are strong enough to handle the storm that comes our way.

Whether you are a follower of Christ or just feeling lost, The Bible can get you through the worst of times. In the book of Psalm, there is an example of why our faith must be stronger than our own pain. Psalm 56:5 explains we can't always see where the road is going to lead us but God promises his children that there is something better up ahead.

We just have to trust in him and let him guide us on the path that he sees fit for us.

When something horrific happens in life, time and time again it is believed that God's plan for our life has changed. Some individuals believe that God didn't know these events were going to happen to us. Many individuals have this mentality but a verse in the book of Isaiah shows how this isn't true in the slightest.

Isaiah 14:27 entails that nothing can stop God's plan for our life. Things happen in life, but they are roadblocks in our path. These events are only bumps in the road that we have to cross to continue on our path. God wouldn't put us through trials through our lives if we were not strong enough for them.

God's plan for his children

The Bible has many examples of how God is always there for us when we go through hard situations. God loves us unconditionally and would never put us in a situation we couldn't handle. God puts us through trials to bring us closer to him and keep our faith strong.

When we trust in him, he will calm the storm in our lives. Psalm 107:29 tells us that God will calm the storm to a whisper and make the waves still. All we have to do is trust in him and have faith that he will take care of his children. It is evident that God loves his children unconditional and only wants what's best for all of us, just like our paternal parents.