During difficult times, it's not uncommon for those around us to tell us they are praying for us. Whether it's because of a belated loved one or a difficult situation, those close to you will tell you that you are in their thoughts and prayers. Loved ones want us to understand that we are never alone in our struggles, even though it feels as if we are utterly alone.

Does Prayer help us in the long run? For most, it gives them peace at night knowing that loved ones and friends are thinking about them during difficult times. For others, they don't want those around them to worry about their situation or how they are feeling.

Healing pain

"The Bible" constantly shows examples of how God hears our prayers and is there for us. An example can be found in the book of 2 Kings. The verse, 2 Kings 20:5, explains that God has heard our prayers and seen our tears. He will heal our pain and suffering.

Even though his healing may not be instant, he does take away our pain eventually. God hears our prayers, even when we are unable to speak, He tells his children that he hears them in the book of Psalm. Psalm 56:8 tells us that our Heavenly Father sees our tears as prayers. Those prayers still reach him, even though we cannot speak during that time.

God's undying love

Even when we have days that are more difficult than others, God wants his children to reach out to him.

No matter what we are feeling, we should always express our feelings to our Heavenly Father. In the book of Philippians, it states that God believes that we should turn our worries into prayers. We shouldn't worry or have anxiety about future issues, God has a plan for our lives. Instead of worrying, God wants us to trust in him and pray about the issues bothering us.

In many instances, it may seem difficult to talk to God. Sometimes, you might fear whether or not you will be judged for your worries. In the book of Mark, we are told to not be afraid. We just have to believe in our God and how he will take care of his children.

It is evident that the Lord above loves us at all costs. It may not seem that way when something doesn't go the way we hoped it would, but he loves us with everything he has.

The verse, Romans 5:8, tells us that our Heavenly Father has loved us since our darkest hour.

In many aspects, prayer does help us and those around us. It is a way to talk to God and tell him our struggles, worries, and sins. God will not judge us because his love for his children is far too great.