Easter is celebrated this year on April 1, and one hotel in dubai is making sure everyone sees a giant chocolate Easter Egg that is on display. It took the engineering and culinary team four weeks to make this happen. The team put the finishing touches on the egg just hours before it was unveiled for the public to see.

Fairmount Dubai is displaying the one-of-a-kind chocolate egg in the center of its lobby during the Easter holiday. Dubai's biggest chocolate egg is a masterpiece, and the public is enjoying watching it.

Description of the giant egg

Making the giant chocolate egg and decorating it was no easy task. The huge Easter egg is made of 176 pounds of 55 percent dark chocolate. It stands over 8 feet tall and weighs 440 pounds. Chef Romain Castet calls it a spectacular project. He says it is one of the greatest lobby centerpieces the hotel's guests have ever seen. No one is going to eat the giant Easter egg that contains over 436,000 calories. Needless to say, the chocolate egg was crafted for viewing and not for eating.

The egg is expected to be in the hotel less than a month because of the warm weather in Dubai.

It will be removed and disposed of soon after the Easter holiday, according to Terje Abrams, Public Relations Manager at the hotel.

The hotel

The hotel is known for going all out during holidays. Back in February, Fairmont Dubai offered an exclusive Valentine's Day package. The luxury hotel chain has attracted visitors since 1907.

There are more than 75 hotels in places around the world, including New York City and San Francisco in the United States as well as Dubai and Shanghai.

Other giant eggs

Even though the Fairmount Dubai has the world's largest, tallest and heaviest chocolate Easter egg this year, there are large chocolate eggs in other places as well.

Over the years, there have been eggs heavier than the 440-pounder in Dubai. Back in 2014, Italy had the world's tallest and heavier chocolate Easter egg that was created by one person. It was 24 feet tall and weighed 15,873 pounds. It was located at Le Acciaierie Shopping Centre, in Cortenuova, Italy during the Easter holiday.

Chocolate Easter eggs keep the same shape, but they do come in different sizes, height, and weight. Most of them are small enough to fit into Easter baskets and can be eaten by chocolate lovers. This is unlike the giant ones in hotel lobbies and town squares. They are just the right size to be eaten by children and adults.