It happened at the First Baptist Church of White Pine in Dandridge, Tennessee, on Sunday. A group of youngsters were starring in a Nativity Scene when the toddler who was playing the sheep decided to steal Baby Jesus. The young girl playing Mary was having none of this and hurried to the rescue, taking the toddler into a head lock to restore order.

Toddler grabs baby Jesus from the manger

It seems two-year-old Teegan Benson is especially fond of babies and while she was playing the role of the sheep in the church nativity scene, she couldn’t help but steal baby Jesus.

She was so happy to see the baby doll that she started dancing with Jesus on stage to the tune of “Away in a Manger.” The well known Christmas song should probably be changed to “Away from the Manger,” after Teegan performed her stunt.

Never to fear, however, as three-year-old Collia Weems is reportedly a stickler when it comes to rules and she immediately approached Teegan, taking Jesus back and restoring some order to the nativity scene.

According to Tana Benson, Teegan’s mother, her daughter is a "spunky, strong-willed sweetheart." When she makes up her mind she wants something, she goes out and gets it, even if it is baby Jesus.

Tana said she watched as Teegan pulled back the blanket covering baby Jesus and immediately thought, “Oh no!” However she said Collia knew her daughter wasn’t supposed to touch baby Jesus and immediately tackled Teegan, putting the baby doll back. But Teegan didn't want to give up and took the doll again.

While laughter rang out in the church, the two toddlers carried on fighting over baby Jesus until order was restored.

The whole scene was captured on video by Tana, including the moment when Collia put Teegan into a headlock to get her to let go of the baby doll. According to Tana, the two girls are good friends and love each other, adding that Collia is a good girl and very bright, but a stickler for the rules.

As noted by ABC News, Tana did add that Teegan would probably have put the baby Jesus back in the manger, but it seems she can be a bit of an actress.

When she heard how much the audience was enjoying her show, she continued to “strut her stuff” in the nativity scene.

Hilarious video goes viral on Facebook

Tana said she never expected the video, shared to her Facebook page on Sunday, to go viral. It was initially a private post, but then a female Facebook user asked if she could share it with her church family. That’s when the likes, views and shares started mounting. As reported by Knox News, by Thursday afternoon the video had received over 6 million views and had been shared 182,000 times. However, Tara said while the video is hilarious, it also reveals the true meaning of the Christmas season, Jesus himself.

Watch the cute fun in the video included below.