Microsoft Corp is launching a cloud-based gaming division, creating a future where gaming and consoles are different from what they are today. This new system has been dubbed “Netflix for video games.” The service will offer users access to games from a variety of titles on a subscription basis.

This new service is designed to attract developers and game publishers to offer their selections through Microsoft’s cloud-based services, especially as games become more connected across systems for multiplayer experiences. Currently, Microsoft Azure is being used by video game publishers.

Video games serving only one console forced players to purchase specific hardware and software to access certain titles. This new system has created a new market for developers to stream content to multiple platforms including PCs, mobile devices, and consoles. Head of Microsoft’s new gaming cloud division Kareem Choudhry spoke to the Verge saying he believes there is going to be two billion games in the world. Microsoft’s goal is to reach every one of them.

The fight lies with Sony and Nintendo

Microsoft now faces a tough battle convincing companies like Sony and Nintendo to agree and get on board with this new system. Previously, companies have not expressed interested in allowing exclusive games on other consoles.

Nintendo has been the only company to deliver games beyond their consoles, and only with Apple and Google devices. Amazon just announced their own cloud service, attempting to draw in developers.

The new division was created as a result of the success of their popular Xbox Game Pass, which gives players access to more than 100 titles including "Halo 5: Guardians" since it’s release last year.

Choudry also said that Microsoft believes there is room for a gaming subscription service. The most difficult part of Microsoft’s plans is streaming titles to different platforms.

Microsoft has been preparing for this move for a while. Over the past few years, the tech giant has been acquiring gaming-related companies including Havok in 2015, Simplygon in 2017 and just recently PlayFab.

While they are unknown companies, they are key to Microsoft’s cloud-based gaming goals.

Microsoft just getting started

The company’s cloud gaming division is just getting started on a number of projects in order to make their dreams a reality. The real test falls to whether they can attract developers and game publishers and convince them to use a game streaming service.