Microsoft officially announced the highly anticipated Xbox One X during the E3 2017 event. Microsoft considers the Xbox One X, which was formerly known as the Xbox Project Scorpio, to be the most powerful console. Game enthusiasts are expecting Microsoft’s Xbox One X to have 40 percent more power compared to any leading gaming systems, and the device is slated to roll out on November 7, 2017.

Microsoft will not compromise the specification of the gaming system for a lower cost

Microsoft's Corporate VP of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, recently told Polygon that the tech giant decided not to make any adjustment to Xbox One X’s technical aspect.

The Redmond, Washington-based tech titan does not want to compromise the specification of the Gaming System for a lower cost.

Ybarra shared that when the company initially designed the Xbox One X console, they did not have any idea about the price of the console. Ybarra stated that the tech giant could have come up with something similar to Nintendo’s PlayStation 4 Pro. Nonetheless, that would compromise the features video game developers are looking for in a console.

Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One X will apparently be the most powerful gaming system in the world when it rolls out and game enthusiasts are excited about the capability of the gaming console to run 4K games. But there are a number of gamers who are not exactly thrilled about the $499.99 price tag of Xbox One X and particularly when compared to the $399.99 price tag of PS4 Pro.

In spite of that, the Xbox exec explained that the tech company could have sold the upcoming device for $399, but it would not run games at 4K. Ybarra stated that 4K is a design pillar for the Xbox One X which can’t be compromised.

Meanwhile, the open world action-adventure survival video game, "ARK Survival Evolved," will be launched in Microsoft’s upcoming gaming console around November time.

There’s also a chance that the video game will run at 60fps on the console.

Pre-order might go live soon

Although Microsoft’s highly anticipated console won't be available until November, game fans might get a chance to reserve one much earlier than that. The pre-order of the Xbox One X might go live soon.

Despite the powerful specs of Microsoft’s console, Sony’s Head of Global Sales, Jim Ryan, told Eurogamer that the power advantage of Microsoft’s console over the PS4 Pro won't be that evident when it hits the shelves. Ryan also said that video game developers won't have the time to make two game versions for both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.