The first couple of hip-hop is hitting the road together once again. They announced the "On the Run II" tour on Monday morning. It immediately becomes one of the most-hyped musical tours in recent memory. Pre-sale tickets become available on Wednesday, while the rest of the public can cash in beginning next week. Beyonce and Jay-Z will officially kick off the tour in Cardiff, United Kingdom on June 6.

Going on tour together gives the famous couple an opportunity to perform some legendary songs. These are four tracks Beyonce and Jay-Z need to perform during their tour.

'Deja Vu'

This is arguably their most famous hit together. The song was recorded almost 12 years ago. It reached the top five in the Billboard Hot 100. "Deja Vu" was also nominated for a Grammy. The interplay between the two on the track isn't the strongest. Jay-Z talks about supplying the beats ("I used to run the base like Juan Pierre, now I run the bass, high hat and the snare"), while Beyonce sings about a lover that simply won't leave her memory. Maybe that lover turned out to be her future husband?

'Crazy in Love'

"Crazy in Love" is the moment people knew Beyonce was going to make it as a solo artist. To some, it remains the best song of her career, even though it came out way back in 2003.

The song hit No. 1 in the United States and won several Grammy Awards. Interestingly enough, it may have been a harbinger of what was to come with "Deja Vu," with a rather similar story being told through the lyrics. Jay-Z, meanwhile, lays down an awesome verse he reportedly improvised in a matter of minutes.

'03' Bonnie and Clyde'

This song is somewhat forgotten by some, coming out way back in 2002. Roles are flipped here, with Jay-Z leading the charge and Beyonce serving as the featured artist. The Billboard Hot 100 track featured the artists back when they were in the infancy of their relationship. With the influence of Kanye West, Prince, and Tupac (in addition to the inspiration of a legendary story), the track explodes in the eardrums, creating a sonic superstar duet.

'Drunk in Love'

This is one of their more recent collaborations. The song was featured on Beyonce's eponymous album in 2013. The singer clearly dominates the song, spinning off memorable intonations of "surfboard" and "watermelon." Jay-Z remains in the background of the song, though he does lay down a verse comparing their celebrity relationship with that of Ike and Tina Turner, perhaps foreshadowing "Lemonade."