Beyonce’s twin birth was so emotional for Jay Z, it took him a moment to gather himself together upon seeing his baby son.

According to Hollywood Life, the music mogul had been excited to finally meet the babies after helping Beyonce check into an LA-based hospital last week.

Given that the couple reportedly had a boy and a girl, Jay Z was finally going to have a son, and and knowing that made it hard for the rapper to contain himself once Beyonce had gone into labor.

Adjustment to welcoming twins into the world

Sources tell Hollywood Life that while Beyonce was overjoyed, it was Jay Z whose emotions were all over the place, particularly after meeting his son for the first time.

It was a moment that the 47-year-old is sure to never forget.

Insiders reveal that Jay Z is already making a list of the things he wants to teach his son as he gets older, knowing that he will go on to carry the legacy of the Carters in years to come.

“Jay was brought to tears when he held his new son for the first time. Everyone who has met the babies is already saying both kids look just like their father!”

Following reports claiming that Beyonce had a minor issue in the midst of giving birth, causing her hospital stay to be lengthened, the “Formation” hitmaker and her husband both noted saying that they had the best Father’s Day in years.

Beyonce and Jay Z were surrounded by friends and family following the birth of their twins, with the likes of Solange and Kelly Rowland showing up to the singer’s bedside to congratulate her on the birth of two babies.

It’s being said that Beyonce plans on taking the remainder of the year off. She has no plans to work on any new music, with her main focus being around the well-being of her newborn babies, as she tries to adapt to being a mother-of-three.

Beyonce's planned hiatus to focus on motherhood

It is, however, mentioned that the 35-year-old still plans on performing at the Coachella festival in April, which will most likely be her first time hitting the stage since giving birth to her twin babies.

It’s too early to tell but Beyonce and Jay Z plan on spending the next couple of months doting over their family’s expansion.

As for the day fans can expect Bey and Jay to share photos of their twin babies, it is alleged that the couple is taking their time simply enjoying being parents to their new bundles of joy. Since Beyonce is still in the hospital, the last thing on her mind would be to share any sort of herself or the babies on social media.

When the timing is right, they'll definitely invite the fans to take a glimpse of the twins.