As the North Korea summit kicked off in Singapore, the eyes of the world were watching. It went beyond a cursory fascination surrounding the union of two of the world's most eccentric and egocentric leaders. The moment was truly historic, as it was the first meeting between the sitting leaders of the United States and North Korea. With figures straight out of central casting, it came as a surprise to no one that there were some strange and awkward moments between handshakes, meetings, and photo ops. Here are the three most unforgettably bizarre moments that came out of the brief North Korea summit.

1. Enter 'The Beast'

President Donald Trump travels everywhere in luxury - as does North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. But even the latter couldn't resist the charm of the limousine that carries the sitting president around from time-to-time. USA Today reported that while strolling around the Singapore hotel that served as a backdrop for the summit, Kim Jong-un became enamored with the so-called "The Beast." President Trump was happy to give him a tour of the vehicle, with Kim Jong-un looking eager to hop inside and take it to wherever he darn pleased. But alas, he was forced back from "The Beast," a forlorn love of unrequited circumstances.

2. A summer blockbuster

President Trump is a TV commander-in-chief.

From his time on "The Apprentice" to his well-documented television habits, the visual medium simply speaks to the man. But he turned to film - specifically a film trailer - to make his appeal to Kim Jong-un. A report by The Atlantic stated that with the help of Destiny Productions, President Trump played Kim Jong-un a trailer that depicted what life in North Korea could be like if peace negotiations went well.

Nuclear weapons weren't mentioned, but they were an obvious subtext.

Kim Jong-un probably enjoyed it more than he enjoyed "The Interview."

3. Unplanned comedy routine

Remember when Donald Trump didn't like the leader of North Korea? He used to call him things like "Little Rocket Man" and make fun of his weight.

Well, old habits die hard.

As the two leaders and their compatriots prepared to sit down for a working lunch, President Trump roped in his favorite people in the world (the media) and asked if the summit was receiving favorable coverage while poking fun at his counterpart's weight.

English isn't Kim Jong-un's first language, but something about his facial expression suggests that he understood the barb.