Have you ever looked at one of your graduating seniors and thought: "Has she always been this pretty?” Well, give her a break because your juniors will probably be thinking the same thing about you now that you’re about to graduate.

We all know college is not the same as high school and that goes for all aspects, including academics, homework, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, teachers, events, and more. While you had everything spoon-fed to you in high school and you still complained about the work you had to do, in college you are on your own, buddy!

That will definitely take its toll on someone who has been a couch potato all their life! So don’t judge your seniors the next time you see them with a towel on their heads. The stress is real. For all you know, you might end up standing in the portico of your college with no pants on by the end of the year.

So, for all young and vibrant souls graduating this year, here are 16 memes that only you will understand, comprehend, and relate to the most:

1. When we were young and free


Also the story of how a poor innocent soul signs up for the roller coaster ride that he knows nothing about.

3. How inconsiderate can life get?

4. Could you just hand me an aspirin for my headache?

5. It’s a scam, run while you can

6. If there’s one thing you learn in college, it is the value of money


Well, good morning, professor!

Is that a new suit? And by the way, did I tell you how much I love you?

8. Can I afford a 23rd time before they call my parents?


You’ve already fallen deeply into the vicious cycle of studying, never-ending assignments, falling grades, and realizing that you don’t have time to cry or sleep!

10. It was the drink, sir! I swear


There! I deserve this long overdue spa now! I’ve accomplished more than what Donald Trump did in a whole year!

12. I have to make friends, now!

13. See you later (or not)

14. Contemplating life when you’re halfway through the second semester

15. Why does the world have to rotate so fast?


We’ve all been there!

Trust me when I say that graduation is not the hardest part. What’s waiting for you is adulthood. Imagine 50 assignments with deadlines every day that you have no choice but to meet. College is only practiced for that, so be prepared for the next phase now that you've managed to get through college life.

What is your favorite meme on this list? Is there one meme that you relate to the most? What was your college experience like?