There are so many stray Dogs on the street and abandoned pooches in shelters, and their lives are tough. They live day to day, frightened, alone, and sometimes even abused. They’re often malnourished and don’t get the attention they crave and deserve. They become distant, depressed, and sometimes act aggressively. All of this is not their fault. Yet, there they are.

Until some amazing humans decide to adopt them and save their lives. Adopting a Dog is a great responsibility, especially for new dog owners. But ask anyone who’s done it, and they will tell you it’s one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.

And it’s also the best thing to happen to their new pets.

But, these dogs become more than pets. They are now family members. They are loved and taken care of, and they are finally able to share their love with their new human companions. Today, we share with you the stories of adopted dogs whose lives have turned completely around.

They were skinny, sick, injured, and sad. They were afraid of people and other animals alike. Then, step by step, they learned to trust again, and they’ve created bonds that will last forever. Their rescuers gave them a loving home, the one thing they needed to get back on their feet and become happy, friendly family pets.

Their proud owners have decided to share their inspiring stories with the world and motivate others to adopt, too.

These stories show just how strong these dogs are, both physically and mentally, and what they can recover from if you just give them a chance.

Check out these pre and post-adoption photos and get ready to feel your heart melt. You’ll witness amazing transformations of adopted dogs. You’ll see how they went from being curled up in the corner of a tiny cage to a belly-up pose on their nice, big, warm bed in their new home.

Look at the happiness on the dogs' faces after they’ve been adopted. Then, compare it to their look before they were rescued. The difference is so shocking that you won’t believe it’s the same dog. And in a way, it’s not. When you give a dog a fresh start, they will quickly get used to all the good and forget about the bad times.

We could learn something from them.

But today’s lesson for us is to recognize the power of adoption. That’s the first step to being more compassionate and to creating a better place for all of us in the future. Still not convinced? Then check out the photos below because they say a lot more than we ever could.

King of the mountain

Partners in crime for better and for worse

This pooch went from a war zone to his new home where he can be happy

Pitbulls can be gentle giants when treated right

Take me home, I promise to love you always

Annie got a new home and can finally relax

Please take me, I’m a good boy

Kasper came from Romania to his new home in the UK

Toby finally has a nice bed to sleep in

From skin and bone to a happy birthday boy

This pooch was one step away from starvation, look at him now

These best friends were rescued together, look at their joy

Look at this gorgeous happy pooch now

A loving little bandit found his forever home

Please just hold me and never let go