You wake up before the sun is up, you start getting dressed but end up wearing an old T-shirt and sweatpants because you realize that all you ever get to be seen in, are scrubs.

Then you drive over to the hospital with half closed eyes and the next thing you know, you’re being filled in on patients that probably don’t even know your name and you’re sitting there listening to them complain about how their grandchildren are spoilt!

Yes, we feel you! Needless to say, the struggle is real.

But despite all of these, at the end of the day, when you’re going home, even though you had to throw about 50 tantrums, had to run to the bathroom 32 times and debate on whether to break a bucket or sit there and cry uncontrollably, and when you’re looking worse than the sick patients, there is something extremely satisfying and blissful about having been able to take care of many people, right?

The life of a nurse is quite a balance of emotions that way. But there are simple things like seeing a patient smile at you even though she is in pain, or hearing them call out your name when they need you, that make it all worthwhile!

So here is a list of 15 memes that are way too real for every nurse:


Bloody successful b*tches!!


Note to self - always serve with love! Always serve with love!!


Oh, we don’t live a “get a stain, throw it out” life. We actually have discussions over who has the biggest one of the year.


If you think detangling your earphones is a task, dig this! We live with these kinds of practical teasers bro!


Yeah, have you heard of a little something called “recruitment”?


Ohh why 3 though doctor? Why not just send everyone else home and call it a day? You know, a little look into the employment and personnel department wouldn’t be such a bad thing!


Relax already!!


The stock market crashed this morning too. Could we be more irresponsible?


Through highs and lows, until death parts us!


Nobody cares about the nurse’s belongings right? It’s not like she has a life of her own or her own stationery.


The “what do I wear” situation is even more Real for a nurse! There are pants with prints on them? Like actual prints? That’s so cool!


If it makes you feel any better I don’t like you either!

Or the blood sugar checker!


Don’t worry, I’ll be out of your hair in 9 hours! In the meanwhile, I’ll just do my job and act like I’m invisible.


Don’t you just love it when your patients are friendly and funny!!


I love you sister. But I love my off days more!