A man living in West Columbia, SC, had enjoyed a night of heavy drinking. He couldn't sleep when he got home at 3 a.m., so he decided to stop in at the local Waffle House to stock up on some much-needed carbs. However, on entering the premises, there was no one to be seen. In the absence of any employees, the man took it upon himself to cook his own waffle. Once finished, he found the employee – fast asleep.

Waffle House employee snoozes as customer cooks

Alex Bowen, 37, was feeling hungry that night, after admittedly having quite a few drinks, and was shocked to find no one in the local Waffle House.

He called out a few times, but no one responded. After waiting for around 10 minutes for someone to serve him, he headed behind the counter and started to cook up his own meal.

Bowen told ABC News that, taking selfies all the while, he made himself a tasty Texas Bacon Cheesesteak Melt. After enjoying his "do it yourself" meal, and with still no one in sight, he cleaned up the workstation after himself. It was at that moment he finally spotted the sole Waffle House employee, snoozing away in a corner of the restaurant. Bowen later posted the selfies on his Facebook page:

Customer leaves without paying the bill but returned the next day

Rather than disturb the obviously exhausted employee, and as no one else had entered the restaurant in all that time, Bowen left without paying his bill.

However he is an honest man – he returned the next day to pay what he owed. Management at the Waffle House was so impressed with his honesty, they thanked him, apologizing for the lack of service. As noted by The Daily Meal, they even went on to invite him to become a Waffle House secret shopper, to sort of keep an eye on things for them.

What a good deal! Bowen accepted the offer with pleasure and said he now knows exactly what to do if the same situation arises.

It seems Waffle House has a problem with snoozing staff

A search on YouTube revealed that this isn’t the only time a customer has found a snoozing employee at his local 24-hour Waffle House. Pierre Jones and his friends had a similar predicament back in November 2014 at around 2 a.m.

With no one to serve them, two of the guys also climbed over the counter and began preparing their food. They stood there laughing and downing a couple of drinks before one of the group, named “Carl the chef” started to cook their food. They then made themselves comfortable at a table to enjoy their feast.

In this case, it is unknown where the Waffle House was located, and they probably weren’t as honest, as the last words on the video before were “We’re just gonna leave like we weren’t here.”