Recording artist Pink, whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore, says her children will be raised Gender Neutral, and her household will be label-free. So, what does that mean? Gender neutral simply means that a person doesn't favor one gender over the other. The 38-year-old singer wants other parents to have conversations with their children about this recent trend.

The interview

In an interview with The People last Sunday, Pink told the British newspaper that she has decided to raise both of her children to be gender neutral. She revealed that she has already talked to her 6-year-old daughter Willow Sage about it.

The little girl is allowed to dress in girls and boys' clothes whenever she likes. When her 11 month-old son Jameson Moon is a little older, he will have the same privilege. The singer says she and her husband, Carey Hart, have a very label-less household.

Pink made it clear that she is not insinuating how her daughter will be when she is older, but gender neutral is another choice that she will have. For instance, she would allow Willow to play with toy trucks instead of dolls if that is what she wants. The singer further explained that gender-neutral parenting doesn't mean trying to sway the child away from what it was assigned at birth by the doctor. It also doesn't mean pressuring a child to accept one gender over the other.

Conversation with daughter

Pink shared in the interview that she and Willow have already had several conversations about gender neutrality because Willow has begun to think and talk about her future.

Willow once told her mother that she is going to marry an African woman when she grows up. Pink didn't overreact but simply said, "Great" and suggested the woman could teach her how to cook African food. That was Pink's way of keeping the avenue open for other conversations.

While people might think Willow is too young to have a decent conversation, the pop star said her daughter is rather smart.

She chooses what she wants to wear. Willow has been at events with her parents, and all three of them were dressed alike in a suit and tie. She has also been seen wearing beautiful dresses. At the MTV Video Music Awards last August, she was dressed in a black-and-white suit, and people couldn't keep their eyes off of her.

It seems that more parents are considering a gender-neutral lifestyle for their children. What do you think about that type of parenting?