The John Lewis clothing company has announced that they will be getting rid of the girl and boy gender markers on their children's clothing. The store has stated that they will be introducing a new line and a new section for Boys And Girls clothes. They have been praised for their decision by parents and the public alike.

The store has announced a new gender-neutral clothing line

According to the Independent, the clothing store John Lewis is doing away with gender stereotypes and is introducing a new Gender Neutral clothing line for children. It has become one of the first stores to completely do away with the gender markers on kids clothing and has received a positive response to this decision.

The store has also done away with the separate sections of the store and the children's clothing will now be located in one area instead of being divided into two. It has been confirmed that the labels will now read "Girls and Boys."

"Boys and Girls" instead of targeting just one gender.

In a report by News Hub, the store has confirmed that they will be receiving new stock for their line but that the existing clothing will also be sold in these sections. Dresses and skirts will be available for both boys and girls making the point that people can wear whatever they like regardless of their gender.

The only clothing, which has not changed, is school uniforms but John Lewis is hoping to change the labels of these clothes down the line.

The company has been praised for its progressive attitude.

The head of children's wear has made a statement about their decision

According to the Independent, Caroline Bettis has come forward with a statement about why they chose to introduce this new gender-neutral range in their store. Bettis stated that they did not want to stereotype their customers and instead wanted to provide a greater range and choice for their customers.

Bettis has claimed that parents will now find it much easier to find clothes that their children like and this decision has been highly praised. Many of the public have taken to social media to praise John Lewis for this decision. They have celebrated the store's decision to get rid of the gender labels and have congratulated them on their decision.

The public has stated that John Lewis is certainly making a positive step by getting rid of the individual gender markers and combining them. Many parents have expressed their delight and are looking forward to shopping in the store.