The holidays are a great time to dig into that list of movies you've been meaning to get around to all year. Documentaries can teach you something new and possibly get you excited for change in the new year. It's also a great thing to do as a family. Here are five great documentaries that are available on Netflix.

1. 'What The Health'

"What The Health" looks at the link between what we eat and our health. Various experts in the medical field and families are interviewed about their views on nutrition and disease. The film advocates for a plant-based or vegan diet.

This film particularly looks at the link between meat and animal products and getting diabetes and other illnesses.

We hear from families who live near pig farms and how that affects their lives. We also get to see the reactions and responses of major health organizations on the topic. Throughout the course of this documentary we see the many benefits that cutting out meat can have on people and the environment. This film runs for 92 minutes.

2. 'She's Beautiful When She's Angry'

This documentary takes a look at the beginning of modern feminism and the women's liberation movement in the 1960s. This film interviews many members of the movement and highlights how gender inequality is still being seen today.

This film runs for 1 hour and 32 minutes and is rated TV-MA.

3. 'Living On One Dollar A Day'

"Living On One Dollar A Day" chronicles the travels of four American students in Guatemala. They try to experience what it is like to live in extreme poverty. They create a budget for their time there and draw out the amount that they can spend each day from a hat.

They learn about the local culture, food, and issues in the region. They discuss possible solutions and what they can do to help. This film runs for 53 minutes and is rated TV-PG.

4. 'Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things'

"Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things" is about the idea, practice, and practicality of minimalism.

It debates the virtue of consumerism and compulsive buying in American culture. It proposes ways joy can be found in simplicity. This film runs for 1 hour and 18 minutes.

5. 'Iris'

This inspiring documentary profiles the legendary fashion icon Iris Apfel. Now 96 years old, but 93 during this documentary, Iris is rocking the streets with her bright, unique sense of style and classic round glasses. Take a peek at her daily life, look inside her home, learn how she got to where she is, and get a look at her awesome exhibits. This film runs for 1 hour and 19 minutes and is rated PG-13.