As you go through life, there are things that you need to routinely do every single day. Of course, part of that routine is Eating and Drinking. But did you know that you have been eating your chips the wrong way and that you are not using the Tic Tac container correctly?

Let us take a look at these life hacks that will help you make your life simpler while eating and drinking.

1.The right way to cut bread

Instead of just cutting it from top to bottom, turn your bread upside down and start cutting. You'll get a neater cut that way.

2. How to get a Tic Tac from its container

Nope, you don't just pour there out. There is a small indentation in its container which will let you take out just one Tic Tac.

3. How to eat a cupcake

Don't just bite it anywhere you want. Remove the top portion with frosting and put it upside down on the bottom part. Eat it like a sandwich. This way, the frosting is evenly distributed.

4. When drinking from a can

Put the straw through the tab in the can.

This will hold the straw in place.

5. Heating your leftover pasta

Don't just put a heaped pile of noodles into the microwave. Shape the pasta like a donut so it will be heated evenly.

6. When cutting onions.

Avoid tearing up by cutting the ends of the onion. Then place it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

7. Breaking the Toblerone bar

Don't give yourself a hard time by breaking it outward.

Simply push one piece toward the other piece. Then enjoy!

8. Removing the stem from a strawberry.

Instead of plucking the stem off with your fingers, use a straw or a chopstick. Poke the strawberry and you will be able to remove the entire stem.

9. Eating cookies with milk

Use one portion of the cookie container for the milk. It's more convenient that way.

10. Heating a pizza in the microwave

Put in a small amount of water when you microwave a pizza. This will keep the crust from getting chewy.

11. Want some grilled cheese?

Flip your toaster. Add your bread with cheese on it. You will get an instant grilled cheese.

12. Melting butter

There is an easy and quick way to melt butter.

Just put it on a small plate and cover it with a glass.

13. How to eat chips

You don't need to get a bowl for your chips. Just fold the bag the right way so it can stand on its own.

Additional tip: Open your bag of chips from the bottom since most of the flavor has sunk there.

14. Want to hide your beer?

Place your beer inside a plastic cup. They will think that you are just drinking soft drinks.

15. Keeping your food fresh

Do not throw away plastic bottle caps. Use them to seal your excess food.

So, which of the above things have you been doing wrong all this time? There is actually an easier way that can make life simpler!