"Actors on Actors" is a Variety Studio series that features exclusive one-on-one interviews and conversations between two top actors. They usually speak about their lives, careers, and work. It offers great insight into what it is like to live in Hollywood and/or make movies. This series can be viewed on PBS, Variety.com, and YouTube.

In this episode, the incredible Gal Gadot, of "Wonder Woman" sat down with the equally incredible Kumail Nanjiani of "The Big Sick" for a delightful, casual conversation about the industry, their lives, and current events.

The two joked about both being immigrants and playing immigrants in their respective films. They talked about creativity in acting and the importance of being in the right place at the right time.

'Wonder Woman'

According to the video, Gal Gadot never really planned on being an actor. After meeting a casting director, she auditioned for a part which she did not get. Still, she decided that acting was a lot more fun and interesting than attending law school. Like so many other actors, right before she was ready to quit acting she got a huge audition. This was for a secret project that would eventually be "Wonder Woman."

"I got scenes from Pulp Fiction for the auditions," Gadot told Nanjiani.

When discussing the phenomenal movie Nanjiani said, "Your character is so interesting....you would think you would go from innocence to disillusion..but at the end you're still hopeful." On playing the part, Gadot said: "It was great...I felt like I had a really good script, and then I was working with really incredible people...this is an opportunity to create something special...we use this device, this legacy and we say something good about the world.."

'The Big Sick'

After trying to go into Computer Science, Kumail Nanjani discovered stand up comedy.

He just had to try it for himself, ended up loving it, and did it for a few years. He then wrote for a series called "Michael and Michael Have Issues" that required him to act a bit. He fell into acting that way.

"The Big Sick" was written by Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon. It is based on their real-life experience when Emily was in a coma for eight days.

Nanjiani said "The things that are important to me are all in this story. And only we can tell this story."

On playing himself in this experience, he said "..acting through those moments again was in a way therapy for me. Cause it was like I got to do this again but I get to have control over it."

They discussed representation

The pair discussed the importance of seeing a female superhero and of having the film "Wonder Woman" be so successful. Gadget said: "There cannot be women empowerment if women don't have this visual [of a strong, powerful woman] in their subconsciousness and if men don't have it either." This brought them to the topic of representation and how important it is to see stories that are different from your own worldview. They want to see many different groups and races being represented in the stories that are shown by Hollywood.

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