Prince Harry had been dating Meghan Markle for 16 months before they became engaged earlier in November, even though the official announcement was not made until Monday, November 27. Their wedding has been set to take place in May 2018 at Windsor Castle.

In the three days since the public found out about the official engagement, all sorts of questions have been asked and many speculations have been made about Meghan's wedding dress and other things relating to the wedding. People have estimated when they will have children and photos of what the children will look like have been posted on social media.

According to Us Weekly, a question has just come up concerning a prenuptial agreement. Some people have questioned and speculated about every phase of the couple's relationship. It seems to be a shame that the word divorce is coming up after just finding out about their engagement, but some people are curious.

Will there be a prenup?

According to U.K. family law attorney Julian Hawkhead, the couple will not and should not sign a prenup. That's because prenups are not as common in England as they are here in the United States, especially among celebrities. Prince Harry will probably follow in the footsteps of his father, Prince Charles, and his brother, Prince William, who do not have a prenup.

Prince Charles did not have a prenup with either one of his wives.

When he and the late Princess Diana were divorced in August 1996, she reportedly received a financial settlement based on a 15-year marriage. Other things were considered such as Prince Charles' personal wealth, the style of living she was accustomed to, and the fact that she had two young children. The settlement was not a set figure but one based on her financial needs at the time and her future needs.

California family and divorce lawyer Peter Walzer shared something that was a little different. He suggested that the couple should get a prenup to protect both of them. After all, Meghan was a successful actress, and she is entitled to her SAG pension and royalties from shows she has been on. She is not going into the marriage penniless.

Other lawyers say Prince Harry might not follow in the footsteps of his father and brother because he and Meghan want to bring a modern trend to their marriage.

What about heirlooms?

Hawkhead was asked about heirlooms, Meghan's engagement ring, and the many personal gifts Harry had given Meghan during their 16-month relationship. This answer is more interesting than the prenup answer. Even though the ring was designed especially for Meghan, it contains two diamonds from Princess Diana's collection. Therefore, the ring does not exactly belong to Meghan, and in case of a divorce, she will have to give back the two diamonds that are on the sides of the bigger diamond from Botswana.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem so much in love that hopefully none of this information will ever be needed because they will have the perfect fairytale wedding and will live happily ever after.