The Duffer Brothers showed the world what a great TV show should be when they released "Stranger Things." The show somehow managed to provide great characters, an even better plot, and some of the most beautiful shots. There is so much that went into the planning of this show, but the best part of the whole series is the Character development over the two series.

Sometimes when a show gets to their second season the characters don't seem to ever learn from their past experiences, giving the viewers the same thing to watch every episode. However "Stranger Things" was sure to make the characters learn from their past.

This new season, which is available to watch on Netflix, made the past season have a serious impact on all of the characters. Before you go any further, consider this an official Spoiler Warning!

1.) Chief Jim Hopper

Chief Jim Hopper was the clearest example of character development in the new season of "Stranger Things." He went from the man who was too busy to be bothered before his morning "coffee and contemplation" to a caring father for Eleven. He proved over the course of the second season that not only was he helping Eleven, but she was helping him.

2.) Eleven

This season was extremely emotional for all the characters, but none as much as Eleven. At the beginning of season two Eleven is revealed to not only be alive but to be living in a cabin with Hopper.

Eventually, Eleven finds out about her mother and runs away to see her. There she not only finds out her mother is almost brain dead but that there are others like her.

She eventually finds a girl, Kali, who helps her not only accept her powers but also strengthen them too. On top of all this going on her life, she also finds out that Papa may still be alive!

The most emotional thing for Eleven is making the decision to leave Kali to go home and save her friends.

3.) Mike Wheeler

Poor Mike lost the first true love of his life when Eleven got sucked into the portal to the upside down when she killed the Demogorgon. Throughout the season we find out that Mike's grades have dropped, he's skipped classes, and he's been moody.

When he finally finds out Hopper has been hiding Eleven he finally lets go of his feelings and shows an incredible display of emotions.

4.) Will Byers

Will Byers had to deal with some awful things both seasons of "Stranger Things" and that most definitely was reflected in his character. Will had clear signs of PTSD along with actually getting trapped in the Upside Down for short moments of time. While Will wasn't in the first season a lot, it's clear that he's changed from happy to traumatized. Here's hoping Joyce and he catch a break next season!

5.) Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington became a fan favorite with the release of season two. He began the series as the typically "cool guy" with the mesmerizing hair.

In the second season, Steve becomes a more caring boyfriend and he even gets to be a father figure. He ends up having to protect Dustin, Lucas, Mike, and Max from an attack of Demo-dogs and he even gives advice to Dustin. and drops him off at the Snowball.