When a bride and groom decide to get married, usually they schedule the wedding date that is convenient for them. It is considered rude to schedule a wedding without thinking about the guests who will attend. The couple should plan to make their special day a time that will not put a lot of stress and strain on those who are expected to attend the wedding.

The bride and groom might think their wedding on a long weekend will be great because people won't have to use vacation time to travel. A lot of people would rather use their extra day doing something they want to do on their own instead of having the day planned for them.

Holiday weddings

Some holiday weddings are appropriate, but some should be off limits. Not too many people want to attend a Fourth of July wedding. When people get a four-day weekend, they want to do what they want to do without feeling obligated to go to a wedding of a family member or friend. While it might sound like lots of fun to have a Fourth of July wedding, most people would like to go to the beach instead of dressing up and going to a wedding. USA Today has ranked eight Holidays either acceptable or rude to schedule a wedding.

Appropriate days

New Year's Eve is an acceptable time for a wedding. Some couples want to get married before the year comes to an end. Since a lot of people like to go out on New Year's Eve, attending a wedding is acceptable.

It cuts down on the cost of going out to a party. Besides, the food and drinks are free at the reception.

Weddings scheduled around Columbus Day, President's Day and Martin Luther King Day are appropriate times because those holidays are usually on a Monday, and the wedding will probably be on the Saturday before the official holiday.

Inappropriate times

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and a sacred day for families. Labor Day is the end of summer. It is when people are ending their summer vacation, and parents are getting their children ready to return to school. Attending a wedding might not be at the top of their list. A bride and groom might be inconsiderate to expect family and friends to give up their plans to attend somebody's wedding on those holidays.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the worst times to schedule a wedding. People think the bride and groom who plan their wedding on either one of those days are really inconsiderate. For obvious reasons, they should choose another day instead of either one of those popular holidays.

Brides and grooms should be mindful of others when planning their wedding. Wedding planners should help couples plan their date without it interfering with a major holiday that will inconvenient their guests.