To anyone who is a fan of "Rick and Morty", it is a known fact that Jerry Smith isn’t exactly the most loved character in the entire spectrum of the show's characters. Some fans would even go to the extent of saying that King Jellybean isn’t as annoying and isn’t as bad a character as Jerry Smith is. Portrayed in the show as a regular everyday human who is most comfortable and scarily satisfied with the way he is, and who has gotten “lucky” with someone such as Beth Sanchez as his wife, who, according to real world constructed norms is actually “too good” or “too hot” for him, Jerry has shone flawlessly across the fandom as a mascot of disappointment and failure.

We, on the other hand, also being dedicated fans of the show just like everyone else claims to be, have a much more rational and realistic perspective about the show's characters. That doubly holds good for Jerry Smith. And for those of you all who think Jerry is a loser, you need to shove your words way up your rear just like Morty did with the seeds.

On a lighter note, if you happen to associate with any of these traits that we are going to elucidate for you, it is definite that you can, in some form or way, relate to who Jerry Smith is. Here are some Reasons why you could be a Jerry.

#1. You’re not afraid to show you care

In an often cold and impersonal world which holds shielding oneself from being vulnerable in high esteem, Jerry Smith is a true gem.

He may come off as a coward, but he is in the truest sense fearless and naked, which makes him stronger than those who are “afraid” to reveal themselves.

#2. You are carefree

What the world thinks of you and who you are has very little to do with how you feel on the inside.

This could also pass off as thinly veiled depression, but at least you aren’t trying too hard to be a carbon copy of something.

#3. You are happy-go-lucky

Just like Jerry, a come what may sort of attitude goes a long way as far as actually living life is concerned.

Everyone is going to die anyway, so might as well do your best and leave out all the rest.

#4. You appreciate the simpler things in life

Jerry isn’t difficult to impress. That is usually taken as a negative trait, which is wrong. It is so because he can see the joy in the little things and doesn’t bother himself with what is unnecessary.

#5. You are unapologetically old school

Jerry is someone who seems to have a very humane and relatable sense of morality. Although chronically depressed, he does have a keen sense of right and wrong and is very much in touch with his emotions. That makes his life effortlessly simpler than those around him.

#6. You are Genuine

Not having to fit in is one of the biggest and most appreciable traits of Jerry Smith. He never comes across as a people pleaser, and never tries to adjust himself according to the environment. This is probably why he comes off as odd, which is a sign of being genuine in a lot of ways.