It turns out that not only kids benefit from Halloween. Animals at the Warren Peace Sanctuary in Lake County, Canada will be feasting for around a month on pumpkins, after many local residents donated their holiday jack-o'-lanterns. These abandoned or unwanted former pets are in pumpkin heaven right about now.

Generous Halloween donations to animal shelter

The Warren Peace Sanctuary is home to around 650 unwanted or discarded family pets, including rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, hedgehogs, birds, and pot-bellied pigs. The majority are now enjoying chowing down on around 300 jack-o'-lanterns donated by kind locals, with the only exception being the ferrets.

Antoinette Monod, the owner of the shelter, reckons she doesn’t know why, but the ferrets just don’t seem to be interested in the free and abundant Halloween feast. However, Monod did tell The Daily Courier on Sunday (Nov. 5) that it’s no problem, as it just makes more food for the other furry and feathered residents.

This year saw the second appeal to residents to donate their left-over pumpkins following the Halloween holiday, but it turns out they received around double the number that came in last year. Monod said she believes people want to see their jack-o'-lanterns going to a good cause, rather than just throwing them out.

Shelter started with a couple of bunnies

Monod started the Warren Peace Sanctuary around 10 years ago, which is located at the Swiss Village Resort, belonging to her family, at Wood Lake.

She started with just a couple of bunnies but now has around 300 rabbits residing at the animal shelter.

She said she initially started with just the rabbits, but she was concerned that residents might call her the “crazy bunny lady,” so she extended the scope of the sanctuary, taking in other abandoned pets, saying she is now “certifiably crazy!” Now there is a grand total of around 650 animals of various species in house.

Obviously, with so many animals, monthly feeding costs are high at about $1,200 and on top of this, veterinarian bills can pile up too. The shelter is a registered non-profit organization, running entirely on donations, and has six official volunteers and several others who help out on occasion. Launching the drive to attract leftover pumpkins from the Halloween holidays has certainly been a huge help, but they are still seeking help in the form of food and other items, listed on their official website. The shelter is also selling an impressive “Boys with Buns” 2018 calendar, which is sure to impress the ladies!