A young Border Collie by the name of Rocky is currently in training as a Sheepdog on a British farm. Willing to show his initiative, the young puppy efficiently rounded up and herded the flock of sheep, but made the mistake of leading them right out of a gate and into the farmer’s home. After much hilarity, the animals were led to their rightful place. Then it was just a matter of cleaning up all the mess they left behind them.

Bringing home the sheep, Rocky style

As reported by Mother Nature Network, farmer Rosalyn Edwards, 40, was in her kitchen when the incident happened on October 25.

As she worked, she started hearing strange noises and on turning around was amazed to find out Rocky, the seven-month Border collie pup in question had brought nine sheep directly into her Devon farmhouse. Not only that, he reportedly looked quite proud of himself for his achievement. Apparently, the sheep weren’t fazed in the slightest by their experience and just stood there.

It turned out there was a convenient open gate, which allowed the trainee sheepdog to get access to the home’s back door. Edwards did admit that she found it pretty funny at the time. However, the aftermath of the visit from nine sheep proved to be a lot of work, as there were feces, pee, and mud all over the home. She said it took quite some time to clean up.

Husband and son had left the gate open, so off Rocky went

Edwards explained that it was her husband and son, who had gone into the field, who accidentally left the gate open, allowing the intrepid trainee pup to herd the sheep out of the field and into the home. She said when they entered her kitchen, the sheep just stood there calmly.

Edwards estimates there were around nine of them in the house. She said she moved her children to another room and then had the job of guiding the sheep out again. Edwards ended up having to guide the small flock through the house and out via a front porch, while the sheep left a trail of mess as they went.

As noted by the Telegraph, Edwards admitted that Rocky the trainee sheepdog looked totally pleased with himself and his achievement, but added that the dog is definitely going to need more training.

However, she did joke that the dog had brought a whole new meaning to the term, “bringing the sheep home.”

After all the fun was over, Edwards headed to Facebook to post a video of the livestock invading her home. In the video (included below) we can hear her and husband Andrew as they attempt to shoo the sheep from the house.