A couple in Florida was looking forward to the birth of their baby, who was already four days late in entering the world. However, he ended up being born on the perfect day, as Oskar Frankenstein was born on Halloween.

Meanwhile, a business owner in Rio Rancho was upset when someone stole his prized, inflatable Frankenstein, but even more perplexed as to where it was found.

Florida couple welcomes baby Frankenstein

Jessica Frankenstein had expected her baby boy to be born on October 28, but it turned out he had a mind of his own. After 14 hours of labor, Oskar Frankenstein finally came into the world on Tuesday this week at 2:57 p.m., making him officially a Halloween baby.

The baby weighed 6 pounds and 9 ounces and was 20 inches long at birth.

After giving birth at the Winter Park Memorial Home in Florida, Jessica spoke to ABC Action News, who was quick to pick up on the story. She said she didn’t think baby Oskar would hold out until Halloween. Jessica said she and her husband had discussed the possibility of their baby being born on Halloween and remarked on “how neat” that would be for him as he gets older. She added that she is “utterly in love” with her newly arrived son and that she couldn’t have pictured a more perfect baby.

It makes one wonder how long the young Frankenstein will be thrilled with his birthday once he gets older and the novelty wears off!

Giant inflatable Frankenstein goes missing

Meanwhile, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, another Frankenstein mystery was born around a month ago. Chris Scott, a business owner in Rio Rancho, always takes Halloween seriously, as he owns a number of local Spirit Halloween stores.

He told KRQE News 13 that his holiday display always attracts a lot of attention, with its “wacky wavy guy,” giant pumpkin and his prized inflatable Frankenstein. Scott said he got several calls during the week to tell him his Frankenstein was “so cool.”

However, it turns out the Frankenstein was a little too cool, as, on October 1, the inflatable went missing.

Built in England and 26-feet in height, the Frankenstein cost him $6,000. For that reason, Scott built in a GPS tracker, just in case, after his giant pumpkin went missing two weeks before. However, on tracking down the missing Frankenstein, he was shocked to find out where it had gone.

Missing Frankenstein tracked down to unexpected perps

He told KRQE that he immediately got into his car and started following the route his prized display was traveling. Scott said it finally stopped pinging outside a home in the Cabezon neighborhood of town. After spotting the fugitive Frankenstein through the back window of a vehicle, he immediately called the police.

When police arrived on the scene, they knocked on the door of the home, and a couple answered the door. Scott said he was totally shocked to discover who they were. He went on to say he was familiar with the couple, who are well known for their success in real estate. Scott said it was particularly worrying to him, as the man has access to people’s sensitive information, while the wife has access to people’s homes.

KRQE said they could not name the couple as the Rio Rancho Police have confirmed there is an open investigation into the dastardly Frankenstein case, but so far no arrests have been made. Cpt. Ron Vigil told them they have identified one suspect, but are being thorough in their investigation to ensure all parties involved in the crime are identified.

He did add that they anticipate filing charges over the dastardly theft of the inflatable Frankenstein Halloween display.

Frankenstein caught on tape

Scott did say when the police confronted the couple, they claimed innocence, saying someone else must have placed the decoration in their vehicle. However, police told him surveillance video taken from a neighboring home clearly showed the husband transferring the Frankenstein from one of his vehicles into another.

Scott said crime in the Albuquerque area is getting out of hand, with people thinking they can take anything they want, adding that the city needs to do something to fight the rampant crime. He is happy, however, that the prized Frankenstein inflatable did find its way home in time for Halloween.