Well, just to clear the air, every celebrity has those who love and hate them. As most of the Nfl Players would say, you can never please everybody in this world. Just like many other professional sports, the NFL is full of players disliked by both fans and other players in the league. Some are hated due to their success in the game while others due to things that they have done to taint their name.

Surprisingly, many successful players find their names on the list of most hated just because of how good they are on the pitch. Just to quote a few, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are disliked outside of New England due to their success in the game.

Haters are real!

Ndamukong Suh of Detroit Lions

So far, Ndamukong Suh is the NFL’s dirtiest player. This accusation is backed up by numerous fines the player have been forced to pay in his career life. In fact, Suh has paid well over $200,000 fine all due to unsporting plays he has been involved in. Player has to keep an eye on Suh as he will always try to bring you down by diving to your knees or stamp on you. Fans, on the other hand, are always worried as they never know when next fine or penalty flag will arise. All this make Suh the most hated player of all time throughout the league.

Ray Rice of Baltimore Ravens

The aftermath from the punch that was seen far and wide has left its blemish on the NFL and Baltimore Raven's establishment.

The case will forever remain in the minds of many for the public embarrassment that he made his wife go through. The name Ray will stick in the history of NFL demonstrating domestic violence that has been going on in the NFL. He treated his woman like a rag and forever the fans and players will hate him.

Richie Incognito

For a long time, Richie has been in airwaves for all wrong reasons in his career.

For some reason only known to himself, Incognito has never been able to control his temper. This has caused him a lot as he has found himself being kicked off the team most of the time. From the fans point of view, he has come out to exemplify bullying and harassment that is going on in the NFL and hence being disliked by many.

It is always important to support and encourage NFL players who show great success both on and of the pitch. A fan will show his or her support through many ways, and cheering is one of them. On the hand players who show violence and represent unsporting behavior are likely to be jeered, and nobody will wish to associate with them.