They say kids are the future of the world. Sure they are, and the way they are raised determines what people they will be. Patriots and criminals became who they are due to their background, and it’s a parent responsibility to make sure that their kids grow into productive adults. However, they should not say unnecessary things to their children. According to The List, Dr. Meg Meeker who is a pediatrician stated that the language that you use to communicate with your Child is critical because negative words might damage them. Below are four things you should never say to children.

1. Listen to me, or the cops will arrest you

This is wrong! Our children are supposed to grow knowing that the police are there to protect them and make the world a better place, not thinking that cops are bad. Imagine a scenario when your child maybe gets lost in a mall, you would want that child to end up in the hands of a policeman rather than a random person. Gulf News advises parents to raise their kids knowing that the law enforcers are there to protect the community and they shouldn’t be feared at all. In fact assure them that when they see a policeman, they are protected from any harm.

2. You are shy or lazy

Never label your kid negatively, its super dangerous. If your child is lazy, find something that is interesting to him/her and makes the child do it.

If your child is shy, why don’t you help him build his/her confidence, or better yet, address the particular behavior and not the child’s character? Did you know when you say such things they can become self-fulfilling prophesies? Well, according to Inc, they can actually be. When you describe your child as shy, he might live the rest of his life nervous in social situations.

3. You are driving me crazy

I bet there are only a few parents if any at all who haven’t said this to their children, and you need to stop saying it. When you say this to your kids, they feel devastated. According to The List, your child intention is not to be a bother to you, and even though the kid might be disobedient, you need to find a better way to contain the situation.

Children love to please their parents, and when they feel that their parents don’t care about them, they are hurt.

4. Why can’t be like so and so

Just like the fingers of your hand, people are not the same, not even children. According to Gulf News, when you compare your child to another, you make them feel inferior and degraded. Never compare your child with your neighbor's child or the child’s relatives as you might be creating a rift between them which can result in endless hostility. Instead, be encouraging to them. Tell them about how it was hard for some people to make it, but they succeeded.