Research conducted by Truth Initiative has discovered that smoking in the US has declined drastically over the last twenty years. The study also revealed that the youth are smoking less nowadays. According to the research, 23 percent of teens smoked cigarettes in the year 2000 compared to 6 percent last year. The study also found out that 12 states in the US have the highest percentage of smokers. The states are Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Ohio and West Virginia. 22 % of adults in these parts of the country smoke compared to 15 percent of adults in the rest of the country.

A smoker in these states also smokes an average of 66.6 packs of cigarette a year compared to 40.6 packs inhaled by a smoker from other states.

People in these 12 states have a low life expectancy

Mortality rate due to smoking in these 12 parts of the country is higher compared to other places. Ailments such as cancer, heart diseases, and chronic lower respiratory diseases are more common among smokers in these areas compared to smokers in other parts of the country. 7.9 percent of adults in these regions have some form of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) compared to 5.4 percent of people in other areas of the country. Life expectancy in these areas is also low compared to other parts of the country.

The average life expectancy in these parts of the country is 76.6 years compared to 79.3 years in other parts of the country. The mortality rate of people in these 12 states is 25 percent higher compared to the mortality rate of people living in other states.

Other habits of smokers in these 12 states

Different harmful lifestyle habits also accompany Cigarette Smoking of residents living in these places.

27 percent of people who smoke in these regions also drink excessively compared to 17 percent of smokers in other areas of the country. 21 percent are also distressed compared to 14 percent of smokers outside these regions. 23 percent of smokers in these areas experience mental distress compared to 13 percent of people living outside of this part.

Residents in these states thus suffer more physical and mental distress compared to residents in other areas. The increased cases of illnesses in these regions according to the research findings are due to the affordability of cigarette packs, fewer doctors, as well as low public health and tobacco control when compared to other states.

Effects of cigarette smoking

According to US Center for Disease and Control (CDC), 480,000 people die each year in the US as a result of cigarette smoking; this represents one in every five deaths in the country. Smoking also causes 90 percent of lung cancer deaths and 80 % of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease infections in the US. Smoking also increases risks of heart diseases, cardiovascular disease, stroke, respiratory diseases, and lung cancer.