What do women want to do when they have their periods? Let's start with the basics: we want a warm bath or maybe just a basin of warm water where we can soak our feet in. That would feel so good.

How about food? A tub of chocolates (if you're not allergic), a bag of Doritos or Lays (something pretty tasty and salty) and a Big Mac (if you really feel like it) would suffice. This is what's mostly in our heads if we're on our Period. We want to be comfortable and we want relief. Most of the time, we get it at the end of the day.

The curse of having a period

Aside from these cravings and wanting to be comfortable, there are times that you're too out of it. You don't ever want to leave your bed on your first or second day. It sucks to even part from your pillows. When you do get to school or work, it gets worse. It's like you can't function well and you feel so groggy. You can't think straight because your migraine is getting out of hand. What's even worse is you have that constant cramping in your abdomen.

That's why sometimes women feel like they can't function well when it's 'that time of the month.' I am not saying it should be used as an excuse but really, if you're the one having the worst period of your life, you can definitely relate to this.

This isn't a form of consolation but you're not the only one experiencing these worst case scenarios. A lot of women report that they tend to be out of character when they have their periods. Yes, you get really moody and you probably think you are close to snapping.

That's not the only thing

Ever heard of period brain? Now, people are talking about it.

It's about women getting a bit spaced out and they don't seem like themselves when they have the red flag up. It's often attributed to little things like forgetting your car key inside your car, drinking milk instead of your favorite juice or leaving for work without wearing your bra. As PopSugar puts it, we were probably aware of the connection between these behaviors and period brain, however, we just didn't have any solid evidence.

Based on PopSugar's recent interview with Alyssa Dweck, MD, a gynecologist in New York, it appears that period brain is a symptom associated with PMS. Dr. Dweck explained further, "Before your period, lots of women have altered sleep, and therefore will have mental fogginess and difficulty with concentration." Women feel exhausted during period week and that is equal to being fatigued which might explain what some people perceive to be "weird" behavior.