I am a part of this Millenial generation and I am currently in college where I am involved in hook-up culture. Based on what I have observed in college and read in some books it is obvious that people in my generation do not Date. Sure I know some people who are in relationships, but the majority of people I know are single. I find it so interesting that everyone in my age group is single, but why aren't people dating?


I think a huge part of why people are not forming relationships is due to the idea of commitment. College is already so involved with all the different courses, homework, and studying.

On top of that, there is the club involvement and other activities. People my age do not have the time to have to commit to someone. We are already so busy with all the different things we are involved in.

Sure we probably could make the time to find someone and hangout with them three to five times a week, but that takes time out of our schedule. People also do not want to deal with the idea that they are with that one person and that is it. In college, people hook-up with one another all the time and once someone has found someone to love they are expected to stay with that person. People do not want to have to commit to just one person because that means that they will miss out on everyone else out there.

Too many options

There are so many ways to find people out there whether it is social media, dating apps, class, or at a party. I read the book "Modern Romance" by Aziz Ansari who talked about how all these different options are affecting the dating scene. He mentions that as a society we are always looking for the best thing.

We do not want just anyone, we want someone who is beautiful on the inside and on the outside. Even if we were to find some amazing person, we are just going to tell ourselves that there is someone better out there. This causes a huge problem because it means that Millennials are not ever going to settle down with someone. We are going to constantly be looking for the perfect person and before we realize it we will be old and graying and never been married.

It makes me wonder if my generation will ever find love and what we can do to help one another. All of my friends have had some sort of relationship, but it always ended poorly. I wonder why we have so much trouble forming relationships with one another? I feel like there are so many reasons for the issues and I have no clue if we will ever be able to fix them. For, now my generation will probably stick to the occasional hook-ups until they can figure out something else.