Facebook takes pride as one of the leading social networking sites, but Instagram continues to prove itself to be next-in-line. The image sharing platform is bringing together many different images and photos every day — from all backgrounds (Oh, I mean life backgrounds and not portrait backgrounds!)

If there is one marketplace where super-rich individuals, superstars, pop stars, politicians and everyday netizens meet together, it’s on Instagram. There are several ways to create Business-oriented accounts on Instagram, Romper recently reported.

Perfect for business

Unlike Facebook and Twitter though, business owners are still trying to get the best grasp of using Instagram as a marketing tool. Instagram is a gift for business brands anchored on images, such as fashion stores and photography studios.

But Instagram is perfect for any business, from highlighting pens to seemingly impossible Instagram-Worthy posts. This belongs to some of the well-known brands that succeeded on utilizing the platform.

With thousands of followers, electronics company Intel posts creative products or ideas earning likes and favorites every day. Also, famous highlighting pen provider, Sharpie, wows users of daily drawings and scribbles crowdsourced from fans using the pen.

They have posted doodles of famous superstars like Psy. Here are some tips to create a successful marketing strategy for Instagram.

Tips for success

First, draft a creative strategy. Do not show up on Instagram if not for the reason of posting attention-grabbing photos. The most successful Instagram businesses regarding followers that translate to sales are those that produce the best photos with the wittiest captions.

Secondly, hashtags are a huge help. Do not just use any hashtag. While trending is not present in Instagram unlike Twitter, some users of the image posting platform click on hashtags to uncover related images. If the business is food, popular hashtags are #foodporn, #food and #gobble. Avoid using a hashtag that includes difficult food spellings.

Third, good care of followers. These followers will become the pool of potential customers. Reply to them often, share their images and make them submit photos to the business account.

According to Romper, the social media platform can also help customers find the location of the business. The business owner, on the other hand, can track updates and metrics of each post, similar to how advertisers analyze their work.