After a hectic week you would want to spend the weekend having fun, and as an adventurous person, you ought to spend it on the outdoors doing what you love. Some like to go on hiking trails while others love basking on the beach. There are other kinds of people who prefer to explore nature through hunting or fishing. If you love seafood, why don’t you try to capture your next meal for leisure? Here are the best fishing spots in America that you need to consider.

1. Outer Banks, North Carolina

This place or spot is suitable for fishing freaks like you if you consider yourself one.

There are agencies in the area that provide you with essential equipment required for fishing like baits, hooks and fishing license. What makes this one of the best spots is the adventurous activities that happen there like braking fishing, pier fishing, and boat fishing. You can fish sea basses, trouts, flounder and much more. The restaurants around the place offer mouthwatering cuisine.

2. Florida Keys, Florida

On the southern coast of Florida, is a destination for fishermen, the Florida Keys. There you can catch some bonefish, redfish, permit, snook or tarpon. The waters between the Keys and Florida’s mainland, the warm feeling and the deep seas of the Atlantic Ocean attract a lot of visitors including those who love fishing.

You will be required to charter a boat to enjoy catching swordfish, sailfish, and marlins. When you will need to grab a bite you can pass by a restaurant as Keys has some of the best seafood restaurants in America.

3. Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

The town of Ocracoke island homes some of the rarest fish like the Red Drum.

This type of fish is popular for its massive fight before you can take control over it. It’s advisable to catch the Red Drum with 12-foot fishing rod for your own safety, and several tackle shops can provide you with what you need for your fishing escapades. Make sure you get a fishing license from North Carolina recreational fishing body and have a fantastic fishing experience.

4. Kona, Hawaii

Tourists who love sportfishing prefer this location. Kona river is on the western shore of the Big Island, and its water is remarkably calm, making it the preferable fishing spot for anglers. The water depth is around 6000 feet deep, allowing anglers to do deep sea fishing. The varieties of fish available here are sharks, mahi-mahi, tuna and much more. People hire charter boats from the coast and head here for their escapades. The Big Island also offers an excellent cuisine.