In a world where the number of fresh graduates every year is exceeding the number of employment opportunities, people are encouraged to think outside the box. You don’t just go to college to acquire a skill, but also to learn self-management. Whether unemployed or looking for a side hustle, you can make some real money working online. Are you aware that you can use your time on Instagram to earn some few bucks? Here is how to do it.

Affiliate marketing

Apart from writing, transcription, and blogging, Affiliate Marketing is one of the most lucrative Ways to make some money online.

An affiliate marketer refers products to his/her followers, and if they buy them, he/she gets a commission from the brands responsible for the products. A referral marketer is tracked through a promo code or a unique link. Instagram won’t allow you to post links in others’ timelines, but you can share them in profile stories or bio. However, it lets you use promo codes to market. After you have registered your Instagram account and selected a niche of your choice, sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program and share products related to your niche for instance fashion, art, travel, and electronics.

Buy sponsored posts

Brands can use TapInfluence to team with top Instagram users to share sponsored posts with their followers on a fully automated basis.

What does it take to be a top Instagrammer? An active account, many followers, and engaging posts. Advertisers use the platform to influence and promote their content. The TapExchange module supports every metric engagement cost as well as advanced audience targeting. Furthermore, you can use your account for shoutouts, and to share awareness posts for a fee.

Promote your products, services or business

Promoting your business, products or services anywhere can help attract more customers, but did you know that you can also use Instagram as a forum for marketing what you are selling? Some of Instagram users might need what you are offering, and you might find new customers there. Take good snaps of your product, and caption it with a creative post and share.

You can also post behind the scenes photos of your product. Moreover, ask your close friends and followers to repost your pictures to reach a wider audience.

Sell your Instagram account

Instagram accounts with many followers are usually on demand. People who do online marketing look for this accounts to inherit a bigger audience. Some marketplaces like Viral Accounts and FameSwap help in such purchases, and you can make a good sum of money selling it. So if you want to make money by selling that account, you better posts stories and pictures that attract many followers. It’s about time you should start making money using that Instagram account.