Jack Morris and his girlfriend Lauren Bullen have an amazing life. They travel the world, enjoy themselves and get paid for it. All they have to do is take pictures of their adventures and post them on Instagram. Wow! Their "job" has a huge influence on their relationship as well and while the "honeymoon phase" lasts only a couple of months for most couples, Jack and Lauren get to relive and enjoy their sweet phase over and over again.

The fateful encounter

Jack and Lauren met in March 2016 in Fiji. They became inseparable and decided to enjoy their passion for traveling together and so far, the couple has visited over 45 countries.

Many famous tourist boards, hotels, restaurants, and numerous brands recognized their talent and decided to hire them for promotion. All Jack and Lauren have to do is post photographs which will make products, services and places they visited attractive to their followers. They’ve worked for some of the world's largest brands, and they do not put photos on Instagram that make then less than $3000. Some of their posts have made up to $9000, which is simply astonishing!

Jack says that the key to the successful photo is timing. One hour after sunrise is their favorite time for photo shoots because crowded locations are empty at that time of the day and the rising sun gives a special touch as well.

When it comes to editing, they never use Instagram filters. Instead, they prefer "Adobe Lightroom" to edit their photos and they also take pictures of each other or use a tripod and timer.

Lucrative blog business

Both of them have very successful and popular blogs. Jack currently runs the blog "Do You Travel". When he was 17 years old, Jack began working at carpet washer and he hated his job because his every week ended with him drinking in a bar.

He knew he had to change something, and after he had saved some money he decided to go on the road and try to make money on Instagram.

He says that he began receiving offers too good to refuse, and one of those jobs took him to Fiji where he met Lauren who was doing the same thing. Lauren is from Australia and has a strong passion for travel and photography.

She runs a blog called "Gypsea Lust", where her followers get to enjoy her trips.

They recently celebrated Lauren's 24th birthday in Kenya where they had breakfast with the giraffes. All of their photos are amazing and no wonder they now have 3.4 million Instagram followers.