If you are a fan of Ed Sheeran, I know how you feel. I remember falling in love with him the moment I saw his song, "Thinking Out Loud." His groovy dance moves and his mesmerizing voice can never go unnoticed. In fact, I bet you are not from Earth if you haven't heard his song, "Shape of You."

But why are people so fond of him, when there are so many artists in the industry? First of all, there never was, and there can never be, another Ed Sheeran. He is not only a wonderful singer but an amazing human.

Wondering what makes me say that? You may be a part of his fan club on social networking websites, and you may have read a lot of things about this artist, but what I am about to share with you is not something that you already know.

The crazy list

1) Sheeran has a weird habit of naming his guitars; yes - all of them: Keith, Nigel, Felix, and Cyril are not the names of his friends or pets; these are the names of his guitars. Surprised? Don't be. There are still a lot of things left for you to know about him!

2) He was titled to be the worst dressed man, ever: Yet, he continues wearing his favorite skater hoodies and shoes.

3) Sheeran's cat has thousands of followers on Twitter: His cat, Graham, has more than 70,000 followers on Twitter.

4) "Game of Thrones" wants him: Every time the team requested him to come for a cameo appearance, he was busy touring the world for his shows. However, he made his special appearance finally last season.

Here's More:

5) He released "Sing" because of Elton John: Thank you, Elton John, for introducing an artist like Sheeran to the world!

6) One of his fans had sent him a "hair cake": Ed Sheeran doesn't accept edible gifts anymore because he was once gifted a cake full of hair.

7) He has written a song for Justin Bieber: Sheeran penned Bieber's "Love Yourself" song.

8) He wanted to change his name to Redward: But I am glad he didn't change his name; Ed sounds much better than Redward.

9) He has received several death-threat calls: And he was in the news for this, back in the year 2011. Thus, he has stopped accepting calls from unknown numbers.

10) He is obsessed with his sales: Ed Sheeran says that he has never been good with anything else in his life and thus, he is very much obsessed with the sales of his songs.

After going through all the facts mentioned above related to Ed Sheeran, I am sure you love him more now. No doubt some of the things he does are weird, but he is one of the sweetest artists you would ever find.