According to Wikipedia, Abraham Lincoln's ghost haunts The White House. There are several people who have witnessed his ghost. Several paranormal activities were also been noticed in the White House after his death in the year 1865. This is not the only paranormal activity story; there are many.

Paranormal activity

Any activity that is beyond scientific explanation is called paranormal activity. Some people have experienced things that can't be explained by scientists. There is no logical explanation to such things. Those who study such cases are paranormal investigators.

If you have experienced something that doesn't justify itself, you might want to know more about it.

Seven signs you are living in a haunted house

  • You get goosebumps without any reason: Do you get goosebumps even when the temperature in your room is fine? It is said that when a spirit passes by, the living beings get goosebumps because of its strange, and strong, energy.
  • You hear footsteps even when everyone is asleep: You know that your entire family is sleeping. Suddenly, you hear someone walking in the other room. You try to Find out who's awake, but realize that there is no one there. Run and hide under your blanket; your house is Haunted.
  • The lights flicker or switch on and off on their own: If there are inexplicable electrical or plumbing issues in your house, you may be Living With Ghosts. Spirits tend to repel the energy of water and electricity.
  • The behavior of your pet is strange at times: Does your dog growl in a specific room in your house? Does your cat sneak into the kitchen and comes out running? The animals can sense and see things that we can't. They can feel the invisible trespassers.
  • You have a strong feeling of being watched by someone: If you feel like someone is watching you all the time, then someone surely is.
  • You feel someone literally touching you: You turn to the touch of someone and learn no one is there.
  • You wake up at 3 AM almost every night: Most of the spirits wander between 3 AM to 5 AM.

In rare cases, spirits try communicating with the owner of the house.

If you hear whispers or cries, particularly at night, your house is definitely haunted. To get rid of a wandering spirit, meditate in your house. Make sure you light candles in every dark corner of your house. Keep the door of your basement, or attic, open for a few hours every day. Spirits settle in rooms that are not opened for more than a month. Chant the name of the Lord you believe in.