Travelers are fond of visiting various locations around the globe. People in different countries have different food habits. If you are visiting a specific country for the first time, it is essential for you to learn about the kind of food you'd be getting there.

World and food

If you are an avid traveler, you have to adjust your tongue to various delicacies. Sometimes, even if you don't like certain items served on your plate, you have to eat them because you have no choice. For an instance, people complain about India's spicy food. Yet, when they visit India, they have to adjust their taste buds accordingly because almost all the affordable restaurants serve spicy food.

You may have an idea about some of the weirdest foods from different corners of the world. Here are a few more things that you can add to the list.

10 weird foods from around the globe

  • Tuna eyeballs (Japan): How do the eyeballs taste? They taste like the octopus. Even if the dish sounds nasty, it is quite in demand in Japan.
  • Grasshoppers (Thailand): Popularly known as Jing Leed, grasshoppers are seasoned with chili, pepper powder, and a pinch of salt before they are fried in a large wok. Can there be anything better than this food? Not for people in Thailand!
  • Wasp cookies (Japan): Just like we have chocolate-chip cookies in the United States, the Japanese have wasp cookies. The digger wasp stings the tongue and that's exactly why people love it. Weird, eh?
  • Fried spiders (Cambodia): After marinating the spiders in sugar, salt, and MSG, they are then fried in garlic. In case you don't know what the brown sludge in the abdomen has, it consists of eggs and excrement. Who wants to taste this good food?
  • Stink bugs (Africa): Stinkbugs are eaten raw. Be prepared to cry as they sting before leaving the hint of freshly picked apples on your tongue!
  • Frog legs (France and Southeast Asia): How would you want the frog-legs to be served on your plate? You can have them grilled, fried, stewed or simply baked.
  • Kangaroo (Australia): Even though the animal groups are against the hunting of Kangaroos, their meat is freshly served to all those who are on a healthy food diet.
  • Crocodile (Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia): Crocodile meat tastes like crab. Now you know why they're going extinct!
  • Guinea Pig (South America): After being roasted, a guinea pig is served hot in South America. It tastes like rabbit.
  • Stargazy pie (England): This pie has fish staring at the sky. It is served on Tom Bawcock's Eve, which is celebrated on 23rd December.

So are you going to fetch a bucket or get a fork and knife after reading the above list?