The August 21 solar Eclipse is done and over with. However, that leaves us with some questions. Besides people determining whether or not they have eye damage, many have questions about these events. Two frequently asked questions have been when the next one will be, and what we should do with our protective eye glasses now. Fortunately, there are answers.

News of the next solar eclipse

If you missed the eclipse entirely or regret not traveling to be in the Path Of Totality, have no fear. The next solar eclipse with totality will be on April 8, 2024.

With so much time in advance, there should be plenty of time to figure out your plans to view this next one. The 2024 eclipse will travel from Texas to Maine. Luckily, there are several major cities in the path of totality, including Dallas, Little Rock, Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Buffalo.

Even though we have almost seven years before the next one, people are still worried about what problems could occur in trying to see the totality. Many people are worried about cloud coverage, since it will be spring time. However, the next American solar eclipse won't be until 2044. So for those who really want to try to see the eclipse again or for the first time, trying to see the eclipse in April is your best bet.

What should we do with these eclipse glasses?

Now that the eclipse is done, you have a few options on what to do with your eclipse glasses. Since there were so many people with glasses, it is recommended not to throw the glasses away. One suggestion is to keep the eclipse glasses for the next solar eclipse. As long as your eclipse glasses meet the requirements set by NASA and the American Astrological standards, they should be good forever as long as they are not damaged.

If you don't wish to keep your glasses, there are several options for recycling glasses. You can pop out the lenses and recycle the frames rather easily. There is a possibility that the lenses can be recycled with camera film, so try contacting a local camera shop for more information.

You can also donate your glasses for others to use.

Astronomers Without Borders plans to reuse eclipse glasses in other countries for eclipses in the future. As long as the glasses have no scratches or tears, you should be able to donate them. Right now, the eclipse glasses are expected to be reused in South America for the eclipse there in 2019.

Whatever you choose to do with your eclipse glasses, try not to throw them away! The last thing the world needs is more trash.