Police authorities usually have a difficult time solving cases, especially without witnesses to help them get leads. If police are lucky enough to arrest any suspects, those people seldom admit to any crimes, so one would think it unlikely they would do so on live tv.

However, that’s exactly what some people did, confessing their crimes that ranged from arson to attempted murder on live TV.

Man confessed to arson on live TV

Local TV news crews usually cover a reported fire, just like in Rockville, Maryland in 2014 where a house was on fire. The Police and the fire department were still investigating the fire to find out whether it was an accident or intentional.

They cordoned off the area as people looked on in horror. People were concerned about the six people who lived in the burning house. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

The police surprisingly got a break on the case when a man, identified only as Carlos, approached the local News Crew, who were covering the fire, and confessed to the crime on air. He casually said that he started the fire and would be answering any questions from the reporter.

Gunman admitted to his crime on live TV then hijacked the news van

Peter Steer, a cameraman for Channel 7 News, was on his way to Queensland to cover a reported shooting incident. On the way, he was flagged down by a leather-clad man and when Steer pulled over, the man began to cry and confessed to shooting a woman.

The man asked Steer to call the police so that he could give himself up.

However, the man became agitated while waiting for the police to arrive and suddenly had a change of heart. He decided to hijack the news van and quickly sped off while aiming a gun at Steer.

The suspect was eventually captured and was charged with attempted murder, unlawful possession of a weapon and armed robbery, among others.

Tennessee woman confessed to stabbing on live TV

Another case of a confession on live TV was when Kate Nichols of Knoxville, Tennessee admitted her crime to a news team.

The news crew was covering a crime where a 68-year-old woman, was almost fatally stabbed by an unidentified suspect. However, a neighbor of the victim claimed that Katie Nichols, the victim’s daughter, was the one who stabbed the elderly woman.

The neighbor pleaded to the suspect to return to the crime scene.

Surprisingly, Nichols did return to the crime scene after a few minutes and approached the news crew. Shen then admitted to the attack and claimed that her mother was a leader of a satanic cult and that she was casting spells on her. Nichols was later arrested by the authorities.